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Back: 1999 took the concept of time, and turned it on its head. At the beginning of the millennium, a mysterious Storm hit the Earth and turned the course of history. It’s up to Vertin, the only person immune to the Storm, to recruit a group of Arcanists and time to heal himself. A tall order to be sure, so we’ve put together some hints on how to navigate 1999 again.

Before we jump into combat, let’s talk about something a little extreme; the amount of resources you provide. Thanks to the eight-day login campaign, the completely destroyed pre-registration campaign, and the early Star Task and onboarding session, you will find yourself with a total of 73 gacha pulls between Unilogs and Clear Drops. You can recover stamina with Drops, but that’s a waste.

A surprising amount of resources to get started

You may be tempted to immediately throw them summon banners for a tough team, but we advise you to wait, because you can get yourself a top-tier five-star squad early. You can easily get Sonetto as you play, a powerful fighter who can stop enemies from attacking and buff his allies. Through the pre-registration campaign, after you clear stage 1-4, you will receive Matilda, a dedicated offensive option with single and AoE damage. Finally, after eight days of logging in, you will recruit Dikke, who will improve your team.

That’s a damage dealer, support, and healer that will take you through a lot of content. The First Drop of Rain flag is still worth pulling, as you are guaranteed a six star in 30 calls, less than half of your total resources. After that, we advise you to play a few episodes with this team and decide who to update before you try the other two banners.

A Gram of Curiosity can get you a six-star Sotheby, an amazing healer if Dikke isn’t enough for you, or Clang of Sword & Armor has a six-star A Knight on offer. They are an incredibly strong fighter if Matilda isn’t enough for you, or if you want two heavy hitters instead of Sonetto’s support. You have until November 9 before the banners leave to decide.

Is this your card?

Now that we have the squad all set up, let’s see where you’ll be spending most of your time; battle. At the beginning of each turn, you draw – or draw up to – seven cards, each representing one of your team’s skills. You get three actions to take each round, so you have to know what you’re doing, starting with Moxie.

Each of these cards has a star value on it, and playing them will give the character that belongs to that much Moxie. Fill the gauge under their health, and after the next turn you will draw a final move that can change the course of the battle, or help you completely wipe out your already defeated enemy. While you can keep throwing a star at enemies to get a Moxie each, there is a better way.

Maximize your Moxie

To get the most out of your characters’ skills, you need to combine duplicate cards of the same star level. For example, if you have two one-star Sonettos’ Commandment V attacks, you can combine them to make a two-star Commandment V. Doing so makes the attacks stronger, and can add additional effects to skills. You can even get Moxie for your character as you combine their skills. It takes some action, but if you’re smart and a little lucky, it won’t be necessary.

Staying with Sonetto, say you have a card for Exhortations IX on the board, and on either side of it you have a star copy of Attention Everyone, Matilda’s AoE attack. To combine it, you usually have to spend an action, but not in this case. Just play Exhortations IX, and then these two copies will automatically close the gap, end up next to each other, and merge for free. You get a more powerful card that doesn’t use an action to combo, and you get more Moxie for comboing. A nice trick to keep an eye on.

Our final tip; if you are interested in playing Back: 1999make sure download and get it early. Completing the onboarding session within the first month of release will earn you the Storm Witness portrait, and the Beginning of the Tale Starter Task will earn you Sonetto’s special outfit, Parade Anthem. You’ll get yourself some exclusive items, and mark yourself as one of the first to brave the Storm.

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