The Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary Merchandise and More

image, walt disney pictures It’s almost time for the Pumpkin King to go full Sandy Claus Halloween The city makes way for Christmas Town — but don’t worry, the holidays can stay spooky with the latest Tim Burton-inspired collections the Nightmare Before Christmas, Thirty years after the release of the classic stop-motion holiday mash up, … Read more

State Management With Provider | Kodeco

Update notes: Mike Katz updated this tutorial for Flutter 3. Jonathan Sande wrote the original. Through a widget-based declarative UI, Flutter makes a simple promise; describe how views are created for a given state of the app. When the UI needs to change to reflect a new state, the toolkit takes care of determining what … Read more

Dress up your mobile game for Halloween

Halloween is here! While you’re getting ready to trick or treat, have you thought about dressing up your creations? Seasoning your creative assets for Halloween can breathe new life into your mobile game, creating a fun and festive atmosphere that will keep players coming back for more. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through … Read more

Compatible with Apple M3 MacBook Pro

In the deep night before All Hallows’ Eve, Apple’s Cupertino spaceship headquarters was shrouded in a thick, black fog, as if preparing to unleash a malevolent force upon the world. Thankfully, when the fog cleared, we had what we had Three new chips, a MacBook Pro update, and an iMac refresh, Buy Now or Wait? … Read more

Arid Viper Targeting Arabic Android Users with Spyware Disguised as Dating App

Oct 31, 2023NewsroomCyber ​​War / Malware The threat actor known as Arid Viper (aka APT-C-23, Desert Falcon, or TAG-63) is alleged to be behind an Android spyware campaign targeting Arabic-speaking users with a fake dating app designed to harvest data from infected handsets. “Arid Viper’s Android malware has several features that enable operators to covertly … Read more