3 Ways to Lock Screen on YouTube While Watching Videos on Phone

You may have accidentally paused or skipped a YouTube video while watching it on your phone. Although it is distracting, it can also cause embarrassment if the next video is in poor taste when you are in a public place. To fix this today in this article we will discuss how to lock the screen while watching YouTube videos on your phone. In the meantime, learn how to fix ads showing on YouTube Premium.

How to lock YouTube screen while playing video?

MX Player became popular among users in India due to its unique features like swipe gestures to control volume and brightness and easy option to lock the screen to prevent accidental touches, as they provide a convenient and distraction-free media access. Provide consumption experience. You can also get the same handy lock screen feature on YouTube for a better and seamless experience. Let’s see how to lock the touch screen while watching YouTube videos.

Method 1 – Use the Official YouTube App

Google has released an official update for the mobile app that brings a new feature to the lock screen during video playback. Here’s how to use it.

1. Launch the YouTube app (Android, iOS) on your phone and play the video you want to watch.

2. enter the full screen mode By swiping or tapping the expand button.

3. Once in full-screen mode, tap Adjustment icon and tap Lock Screen,

4. This will disable touch controls on the video player, preventing accidental touches.

5. To unlock the screen, press tap to unlock button.

Method 2 – Use Guided Access on iOS

While the official lock screen method on the YouTube app doesn’t work in portrait orientation, you can use Guided Access mode which disables Touch on your iPhone. With Guided Access, you can disable Touch on your iPhone in both orientations, i.e. horizontal and vertical.

1. Go Accessibility Settings Navigate to More on your iPhone guided access,

2. Configure the unlock password from Passcode Settings.

3. Now play the YouTube video you want to watch and press the Side button three times.

4. Draw a circle where you want to disable touch input and press Start,

or you can disable touch completely from Option Menu.

5. To re-enable touch controls, press the Side button three times and enter the passcode.

Method 3 – Disable Touch on Android

For Android, you can use a third-party app to disable touch input on your smartphone while watching YouTube videos. One such app is Touch Lock. Here’s how you can use it.

1. establish Touch Lock – Screen Lock App From Google Play Store.

2. Set up a pattern lock as an additional verification layer to disable the lock (optional) and complete setup.

3. Grant necessary permissions, such as access to information And Display on other apps,

4. Now, play the video on YouTube, bring down the Notification Center and tap touch lock,

5. This will lock the video player controls on the app. Double-tap the lock icon to unlock it and reactivate touch. If you set up a pattern lock in step two an additional unlock pattern will be required.

wrapping up

So, these are the three ways to lock your screen while watching YouTube videos. You can also play YouTube videos on your Apple Watch and enable Water Mode to disable touch. While the official YouTube app update is rolling out to all users, it only works in landscape mode. The other two methods may come in handy to disable Touch in Portrait mode. To read more such posts stay tuned to Gadgets2Us and check out the links below.

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