4 Ways to Disable Excessive Brightness for HDR YouTube Videos on Your Phone

You may have experienced increased brightness on your phone’s display while watching a specific YouTube video. This is because your phone’s display supports HDR playback; This boosts colors and brightness whenever HDR content is being watched. This lesson will discuss how you can disable or prevent your phone from getting excessively bright when watching HDR YouTube videos.

Disable excessively bright HDR videos YouTube

How to Disable HDR Extreme Brightness for YouTube Videos?

While HDR videos are more visually appealing due to the increased brightness, better colors, and dynamic range, they also have their drawbacks. If your phone or laptop is not powerful enough, you will experience stuttering problems during HDR playback. Read on as we discuss several ways to prevent your phone from getting excessively bright during HDR video playback on YouTube.

Method 1 – Use Extra Dim Mode

The easiest way to fix this excessive brightness problem when watching HDR videos on YouTube is to turn on Extra Dim mode on your phone. All Android phones running Android 12 and above have this Extra Dim mode, which reduces screen brightness for a comfortable experience in dark environments.

1. Play HDR videos on YouTube at extreme brightness.

2. Pull down the Quick Settings toggle menu and enable Extra Dim mode.

Method 2 – Disable HDR Video Mode

Some Android phones with HDR video playback support have an option in Settings that automatically increases the brightness of the display when an HDR video is played. This can be useful if you don’t want harsh glare to blind you when watching HDR videos in a dark environment.

1. open Adjustment Navigate to your phone Display Adjustment.

Go to Display & Brightness Settings on OnePlus

2. look for HDR video extra brightness mode And disable the toggle.

Usually this mode is found only on OnePlus and Nothing phones. If your phone doesn’t have this feature, proceed to method two.

samsung galaxy phone

In the case of Samsung phones, the process is slightly different; Follow the steps below on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

1. go to advanced features From your Samsung phone’s settings.

Go to Advanced Features Mode on Samsung Galaxy phones

2. Under Advanced features, go to video brightness,

Tap Video Brightness

3. Here, you can choose between two brightness modes:

  • Normal – This mode plays the video in normal brightness and color settings.
  • Bright – This mode temporarily increases the brightness of your phone and enhances colors.

Here, to reduce the brightness, you can turn off the toggle for YouTube under Bright Mode or switch to Normal Mode.

Method 3 – Watch HDR video in mobile browser

Another way to keep your phone screen from getting extra bright when watching HDR YouTube videos is to watch it in a mobile browser like Google Chrome. Unlike the desktop version of Google Chrome, the mobile version does not support HDR playback, so the display will not boost colors and brightness, and you can enjoy videos easily in dark environments.

Method 4 – Disable Auto HDR Brightness

You can also use the Revensed app from a third-party developer that offers advanced features in addition to those offered by YouTube. With Revanced, you can’t allow the app to increase brightness for HDR video playback. Although the results are not much different, you can try it.

1. establish Revamped app From this link on your Android phone.

2. Launch the app and tap profile tab access from the top right Adjustment,

3. From the Profile menu, go to Adjustment and scroll down upgraded again,

Go to Revised Settings

4. Under ReVancced, tap Video,

Go to Videos section in ReVanced app settings

5. Disable toggle Under Video Settings to enable Auto HDR Brightness.

wrapping up

These are three methods to disable or prevent your smartphone screen from getting excessively bright during HDR playback on YouTube. While there’s no surefire way for Android, and there isn’t a single option for iPhone other than the browser, both Google and Apple should provide an option to disable it for videos. To read more such posts stay tuned to Gadgets2Us and check out the links below.

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