5 Best Apple TV Apps to Help Design Your Home

Roomstyler is an extension of the website, roomstyler.com, a site where people participate in contests and vote on the best bedroom designs. On your Apple TV, you can view some of the main rooms from the contests, which include more than 120,000 items from your favorite brands.

This app is bred from the competition, but it gives you some unique room designs that you can include in your own renovation or construction. The Roomstyler website regularly runs themed contests, and this app brings the top rooms from the contests to your Apple TV to inspire you. Want to design a modern bedroom? See what others have done and choose one of the best designs for that theme.

The Roomstyler Web page is great for reviewing past contests, but sometimes you want to get inspired on your big screen. This app is great for that, it lets you browse winning designs easily and see what others have done for themes. Even better, the contests use items available from top brands, so you can find beautiful decorative items and furniture for your own design.

You can download the app for free. It is also available on iPhone and iPad.

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