5 unforgettable strategies to break into a crowded market

In June, TechCrunch Highlighting an under-the-radar boom happening in HR tech: With the strength of remote work, more and more business leaders are looking to tech to manage remote teams — and HR tech startups are tackling to the challenge.

The good news (per a The GP Bullhound report quoted in that piece): HR tech startups are better at fundraising than startups in other industries. But it also means that space is getting – and will continue to get – more people.

So how do the most successful HR tech startups break through the noise? And what can startups in any industry learn from them? For answers, I spoke to a dozen founders and marketing leaders at this year’s HR Tech Conference. In our conversations, the following five themes recurred.

Be bold: “Different is better than better”

Gal Fontyn, VP of global marketing at the people enablement platform Enjoyable. He noted that in the HR tech space, “many companies use similar brand visuals and . . . the same kind of jargon that makes no sense.”

He is not the only one. Jake Sorofman, CMO of the people analytics platform Visor, says, “Often, marketing suffers from compromise, without paying for directions that are safe, expected, and routine.” The effect? A dilutive effect on marketing investments.

The role of HR in businesses is becoming more strategic. This means that selling effectively requires a less aggressive approach.

“You have to have the courage to put your skis first every now and then,” he added.

Of course, “being different” is easier said than done. Even an article like this aims to help readers learn from – and emulate – what works. However, that need to be different often serves as validation for marketing leaders who need evidence to support their most exciting ideas. Go ahead and send your CEO this link. And then work on that quirky LinkedIn campaign you’ve been wanting to try.

Building relationships: “We’re not trying to get someone to sign a contract”

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