8 Games For Your Halloween Weekend

Play it on: Meta Quest 2/Pro/3 (or the flat version of almost everything)
Current goals: Starving myself of upgrades until I get the good guns

I’m surprised at how infrequently games appear in my VR gaming time. The standalone Meta Quest games, which siphon the bulk of development dollars from the (in my opinion) more exciting realm of PC-powered VR, have always struck me as a bit small in scale and not exciting. However, my killer apps these past few years VRChat and Bigscreen VR. I find socializing in user-created fantasy worlds and screening obscure flicks with distant friends worth the price of admission.

But, Claire ordered that we make Halloween games this week, and I’m in the honeymoon period with a new Quest Pro, so I finally got around to starting the Meta Quest-only VR version of Armature Studio’s 2005 classic by Capcom Resident Evil 4. The verdict so far? Amazing. (Headsets are great too.)

Resident Evil 4 was the first game in the series that I loved so much, but I haven’t replayed it since the GameCube OG, I’m long overdue for a replay. This VR edition of the virtual reality you-are-there element offers a new intimate view of the iconic adventure of Leon S. Kennedy, heightening the shock and my immersion. It is very well done in my opinion RE4 VR now spoils me with all the older “pancake” (2D, flatscreen) versions.

Armature has done an amazing, thoughtful job transforming 2D gaming into VR. Leon’s hands are very beautiful. It feels so good to grab your pistol from your hip, shoot a goon, drop the gun, pull a grenade from your chest, pull the pin with your other hand, throw it into a mob crowd, take the shotgun from your shoulder, pantomime reloading, rack it… Once you get used to the moves they become second nature, making combat chaotic and fun in a new way way.

Yes, Leon’s new agility (strafing!) makes fights easier; you can turn that off, but it doesn’t do it well in VR (be sure to disable laser vision, though). Given how different it plays, you might think of it as a completely different game. But no sweat. It was so much fun, and I’m having a hard time imagining the OG pancake versions feeling as satisfying, now. (Beyond novelty, a certain advantage they hold is that Ada Wong’s “Separate Ways” campaign is missing here.)

Resident Evil 4, I’m reminded, is a beautifully designed video game, full of everything I love about the medium. It’s proven to be a joy to revisit VR, and it’s also neat how it now runs on a small computer attached to my face. If the Quest platform (or VR in general) gets more games of this quality, I might find myself spending a little more time on VRChat. — Alexandra Hall

Hey! Listen!

A great app called Find Game Optimizer makes it easy to run RE4 (and hundreds of other Quest games) in higher resolution. It’s well worth the $10 on the Quest 2 or Pro, and legitimately necessary on the Quest 3, which is the only way to easily take advantage of the Q3’s extra horsepower in older games.
If you don’t have Quest, there is an excellent fan-made PCVR mod for recently RE4 remake, and the PS5 version of the remake official PS VR2 support in the near future. (Capcom…please remember your PC players…)

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