A Free ‘LEGO Bricktales’ Halloween Update Is Now Available, Offers a New Diorama and More – TouchArcade

We see all kinds of layman games for years, although for a good solid decade and change most of what we got was the fun action-adventure games of TT Games. Not bad, but there are a lot of angles layman which can be explored. LEGO Bricktales ($4.99), from Thunderful Games, focuses on brick-by-brick building and the ability to create interesting objects and scenes. It’s as much about the process as the goal, and it’s no wonder it found so many fans when it launched about a year ago. The only problem with this is that you eventually see everything, which is what makes the latest free update so welcome.

the LEGO Bricktales The Halloween update raises the question of where the ghosts get their sheets. Fabrics. Whatever you want to call them. I mean, these are material things, and ghosts are immaterial. This is a wonderful thing. You’ll find out when you play this update, which takes you to a spooky new supernatural Halloween diorama. You will see a witch who needs some changes, explore a dirty swamp, and maybe find out the answer to where the sheets came from. Fabrics. Whatever. Is the truth terrible? Funny? Not at all? You’ll have to play to find out. As a bonus, you can get your hands on some new threads.

There are other things packed into this update, mostly involving bug fixes and performance improvements. Regular readers of the Monday update articles will know what that is. Anyway, a new diorama to play with! And it is timely! And free! A great way to celebrate Halloween and the game that was released on consoles a year ago. Go try it out and let me know what you find out about the sheets. Fabrics. Whatever.

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