A software update bricked Rivian infotainment systems

Welcome to the future, where your car is a computer and a “fat finger” can stop your tunes.

On Monday, Rivian released – then abruptly canceled – an over-the-air software update that offered bug fixes and improvements to a feature called proximity locking. However, the update breaks some infotainment systems on the Rivain R1T and R1S.

“It’s on us – we messed up,” Rivian the drivers said. The company blamed “a fat finger where the wrong build with the wrong security certificates was shipped.” Rivian said it has canceled the update, and its service staff will be reaching out to people with bricked systems to resolve the issue. Doing so “may require physical repairs in some cases,” the company said.

Proximity locking automatically locks or unlocks the doors when you exit or approach your vehicle. Last year, the segment became the subject of MANY COMPLAINT threads on Reddit.

The software bug is in Rivian’s update to 2023.42.0. The company told TechCrunch, “In most cases, the rest of the vehicle’s systems are working.” Rivian did not say how many vehicles were affected by the error.

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