AI politicians would like to talk to you now

Between now and the 2024 presidential election, AI is going to make the political cycle much more unpleasant. You’ve probably heard about the AI ​​misinformation problem, but the technology presents another issue for voters that’s far more surreal. Over the next year, politicians will flood the world with robot duplicates of themselves, delivering messages they’ve never actually said, in languages ​​they don’t speak, and in ways we’ve only imagined in our most boring dystopian nightmares. I have imagined. Welcome to the age of the AI ​​politician. It has already started.

Last month, some Spanish-speaking New Yorkers received a recorded phone call from Mayor Eric Adams, speaking in their native language. Before starting to negotiate jobs with the city government, the mayor says in a monotonous but impeccable tone, “Hola, soy el alcalde Eric Adams.” The truth is that Adams is not multilingual, but he is a leader in the race for AI politics.

In October, The mayor’s office said it is using A.I. To blast his constituents with millions of robocalls in languages ​​he does not speak, including Yiddish, Spanish, Mandarin, Haitian Creole, and Cantonese. If AI audio isn’t enough for you, Adams has also introduced a new chatbot Its purpose is to answer basic questions about city services for small businesses. The website warns its robot, “may occasionally produce inaccurate, harmful or biased content,” and that it knows nothing about the world outside of NYC business topics.

eric adams ai en español

Some advocates accused the mayor of attempting to trick voters into thinking he spoke their language. But while announcing at an event New York’s new AI action plan, Adams addressed the concerns with the contempt that has become his trademark: “We know the word AI can cause concern,” Adams said. “Take a deep breath. Hold on.”

Robots are emerging on the political scene abroad too. in India, An AI-generated video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi singing a popular bollywood song More than 3.5 million views on Instagram ahead of the upcoming elections. Similar videos of Modi singing songs in South Indian languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu and Kannada are going viral on the internet, although the politician only speaks Gujarati and Hindi.

Political campaigns are an effort to reach as many people as possible before voters head to the ballot box; The more personalized, the better. Candidates are often limited to shaking hands at local eateries and sending armies of volunteers to knock on doors. Now, through the wonders of AI, there is a new opportunity for face-to-face interactions of millions of people simultaneously, with content tailored to each individual voter.

In some parts of the digital advertising business, marketers are creating new tools that will take targeted advertising to unprecedented extremes. Advertisers will soon combine AI with all the personal data floating around on the internet to generate countless different versions of the same ad and deliver specialized marketing copy just for you. Imagine ads for cars that casually mention your name, or mentions of cargo space being swapped for discussion about all-wheel drive. Political campaigns are a clear extension of that technology.

An early version of this strategy is already underway in India, where at least one campaign is using AI for the upcoming assembly elections in Rajasthan. The campaign plans to use AI to send personalized audio messages in the candidate’s voice on WhatsApp. Divyendra Singh Jadaun said, “Once you call someone (a grassroots political activist) by his name, he knows that ‘(the politician) knows me’ – he will always be like a devotee, he will not need anything else.” Not required.” , who heads the company working on the technology, said rest of the world,

So far, US 2024 presidential campaigns have only used AI for aggressive ads. For example, Ron DeSantis ran an ad featuring AI-generated images Donald Trump hugging and kissing Anthony Fauci In June. But with the first Republican primaries just a few months away, it’s only a matter of time before politicians focus the AI ​​lens on themselves. So then the real question is, who will be the first presidential candidate to launch an AI chatbot?

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