Alan Wake 2 – How to Get the Bolt Cutter

You can get different things in Alan Wake 2 to help with exploration and development. One, in particular, is very important, as it allows you to access certain areas in the late game. Our guide discusses how to get Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2 so you can open the last remaining locks. Also, please note that this guide contains minor spoilers.

How to get Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2

You can get Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2 during the Return 5 – Old Gods chapter, where Saga Anderson is playable. We don’t want to spoil all the great details, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Both Return 4 – No Chance and Return 5 – Old Gods take place in Bright Falls. This will take you to the west side of town, where you will eventually arrive at the Valhalla Nursing Home.
  • While chatting with seniors, you will realize that something is wrong. The main objective is that you should open an Overlap portal in this area.
  • After getting the Anger’s Remorse record and playing it on the jukebox, a portal will appear above the pond in the yard.


The layout of this Overlap (left) is confusing and creepy, but eventually you’ll reach a room with Bolt Cutters (right).

When you’re ready, head through the portal to find yourself in a different Overlap zone, one with a sewer/drowning theme. Like other Overlap realms, it’s similar to a loop, where you go through the same hallways, feeling like you’re lost.

Soon, you will reach a section with a lever, which turns on the light. The action also reveals another room that you can enter. Check the containers and drawers here to get the Tool Cabinet Key. It can be used to open the cabinet with Bolt Cutters. All that’s left is to continue to the next Overlap room, with a fierce Taken boss waiting for you.

Use the Tool Cabinet Key and get the Bolt Cutters.
Use the Tool Cabinet Key and get the Bolt Cutters.

Now that you have the Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2, you’re about to collect the rest of the collectibles in the Saga arc. This tool is the only one that can prevent open chain locks that prevent you from reaching certain areas. For example, there is Cult Stashes which are in the places behind the blocked gates. Likewise, the last few Nursery Rhymes and Dolls yours for the taking. Oh, and remember that Rental Cabins area in Cauldron Lake you saw at the beginning of the game? Well, you can finally check it out.

From Bright Falls to the Dark Place, danger lurks around every corner in Alan Wake 2. Don’t worry because we’ve got it all on our guide hub.

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