Anthym helps colleagues make connections in the workplace through music

Anthyma platform for employees to connect through personal memories and music taste, has launched its latest product to make the onboarding process feel more personal for new employees.

called “Welcome,” the offer expands Anthym’s music-based group connection experience, Cebu launched last year at the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield. Employees created “JamTracks,” five songs related to important memories in their lives, such as when they adopted their dog or lost a loved one. In this case, the hiring manager will make a new hire to complete a JamTrack, which will be shared with the rest of the team, to develop a deeper connection between colleagues.

There is also a feature powered by ChatGPT that produces employee user manuals for managers to learn about the new hire’s personality, communication style, core values ​​and how to make it work with in relation to other team members. For example, if you write “Married My Best Friend” as a favorite memory paired with the song Marry Me by Train, the AI ​​tells the manager that you maintain strong relationships.

The user manual feature uses proprietary large language models (LLMs), which combine employee data and researcher data from Anthym’s team of scientific advisors—Dr. Elizabeth Margulis, Princeton University professor at the Music Cognition Lab; dr. Matthew Lieberman, director of UCLA’s Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab; and Allen Romano, AI startup founder and former FSU professor.

“We take all the memory data and we tap into personality assessments, social cognitive neuroscience, music and cognition,” explained the co-founder and COO Jeremy Gocke.

Image Credits: Anthym

Gocke and Brian Mohr (CEO) founded Anthym when they discovered how many employees crave connection in the workplace. Forty-six percent of workers report that working with people who don’t trust or care about each other is a reason to leave their jobs, per McKinsey.

“Work life and personal life don’t intersect,” says Gocke. So, when the pandemic hits and people are at home on Zoom calls, Gocke and co-founder Brian Mohr (CEO) had an idea. “You can see my dog ​​running (on the screen) and you can hear Brian’s kids screaming in the background. It made us more human… So, I said, ‘What if we had something where we took the really important moments of life, and we married them to music?’”

Although it may seem strange at first to share personal memories and favorite songs with peers, music is linked to forming a sense of togetherness. (Like when fans bond with strangers at a concert.) Additionally, camaraderie in the workplace often leads to increased collaboration and overall efficiency.

“Music is a great unifier. It’s like a time machine,” added Gocke.

Image Credits: Anthym

Welcoming aims to address the poor onboarding experienced by many workers, which, in turn, can cause low self-esteem, weak engagement and a higher risk of quitting. According to GallupAccording to the “Creating an Outstanding Onboarding Journey for New Employees” report, inadequate onboarding and a low sense of belonging are the two leading reasons for voluntary turnover in the first 90 days of employment.

Anthym’s new Welcome offer is officially available today. The company launched the product in beta a few months ago, touting 160 clients in the workshop. Annual subscriptions range from $1,200 to $1,600.

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