Apple Arcade just got more expensive

Apple has raised the price of its Apple Arcade subscription service.

Launched in 2019 with 50 titles for $4.99 per month, the service quickly expanded to include over 100 titles, playable without ads. With the price increase, subscribers will now pay $6.99 per month.

The service offers family sharing for up to six users, and you can start playing on one Apple device and take another and play on or offline.

It’s available on devices running iOS 13 and up on Apple TV, and you can use your PS4 and Xbox One controller to play games when running on iOS.

Apple Arcade is not the only service from Apple to receive a price increase.

This is the second round of price increases implemented by Apple since October 2022. Apple TV+ will increase from $6.99 to $9.99 per month, while Apple News+ will now run you $12.99 per month.

Apple is the latest company to join the growing trend of price hikes for streaming services and game subscriptions.

Netflix, Disney, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, Paramount, and YouTube all raised subscription prices this year.

those who decide to “cut the cord” by getting rid of the cable and those who remove themselves from DishNet for an a la carte experience, to save money, or to stop being bombarded with constant commercials, will finally see themselves paying the same price for services as before, thus not saving any money.

Gaming services such as PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Game Pass have also increased in price this year.

On September 6, Sony increased the price of PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions worldwide on all benefit plans. PS Plus Essential is up $20, PS Plus Extra is $35 more, and PS Plus Premium is up $40. Current members will not see the price increase until the renewal date or after November 6th.

Microsoft’s Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate prices increased this year by $1 and $2, respectively

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