Apple granted patent for external flashlight on Apple Watch band, which could come with dedicated battery

We have come to accept the flashlight as a staple feature on smartphones, which serves the dual purpose of acting as a camera flash when taking pictures in low light conditions and as a flashlight in the absence of light. But a dedicated flashlight remains a distinctive feature on smartwatches. This may change soon as Apple is reportedly considering adding an external flashlight to the Apple Watch. The company has been granted a patent for an external flashlight to be placed on the band of Apple Watch models.

according to a report Apple Insider, who was the first to see it US patent application, the iPhone maker has applied for a patent for a modular light assembly designed for integration with wearable devices. In detailed diagrams, the patent application, which was published on Thursday, shows an external flashlight module on the edge of the Apple Watch band, close to the watch body.

According to the patent, the modular light assembly can be controlled, turned on or off, through both a dedicated switch and controls on the watch display. The external flashlight may also come with a dedicated battery to reduce the watch’s battery consumption. Additionally, since Apple Watch models are IP rated for water resistance and meant to be worn while swimming, the external light modules may also come with liquid resistance features such as seals or O-rings to prevent liquid ingress into sensitive internal components. Could. Patent said.

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The flashlight will be fitted on the Apple Watch band
Photo Credit: Apple

The external flashlight will be directional in nature and will cast light perpendicular, or substantially perpendicular, to the plane defined by the watch’s display and parallel, or at least substantially parallel, to the axis defined by the user’s hand as it passes through the watch band .

Apple Watch models currently include an integrated flashlight feature that works by illuminating the display with high-brightness white light. The display flashlight is not strong and cannot illuminate large dark areas nearby. This also drains the battery of the watch. A dedicated flashlight module with its own battery will bring an impressive light source in low light conditions.

While most smartwatches use the display as a source of light, some high-end watches, including some Garmin models, have dedicated external flashlights. Although the patent application has been published, it is difficult to say when the flashlight feature will actually come to Apple Watch models.

This is not the first time Apple has tried to bring innovation to its Apple Watch bands. Earlier this year, the company was granted a patent that describes a system that can identify specific bands and respond with specific actions such as modifying settings or customizing the user interface .

More recently, Apple was also granted a patent for a technology that would make it difficult for others to peek at your iPhone or Mac display by limiting the viewing angle of the screen.

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