Attention eaters, Cyberpunk 2077’s best culinary immersion mods have arrived in Phantom Liberty

If you are busy fighting through the Phantom Liberty expansion in Cyberpunk 2077 and the idea of ​​taking a break for a quick snack or drink is good, you are in luck thanks to a new mods.

Mods can do a lot of things well, but in my opinion, on the RPG front, cool little tweaks that add an extra layer to your immersion might be where they do best. When it comes to Cyberpunk 2077, a couple of works from prolific modder Deceptious have long been near the top of the pile in that regard.

Like theirs same name and uber-popular compatriots for the base game, the newly released ‘Immersive Bartender – Dogtown‘and’Immersive Food Vendor – Dogtown‘ offers you the chance to come back and have an animated sip or bite at some of the bars and food places you’ll find as you explore. As you might expect, what makes these new works different is that they affect the variety added to the game by expanding Phantom Liberty, which unfortunately has been an animated snacking blind spot since its arrival.

Fortunately, however, that is no longer the case!

With the previous mod installed, if you go to the bar located in the Stadium or The Heavy Hearts club and The Moth, you can take a big long swig of any poison you bought from those bartender using default barter. dialogue. Whiskey, tequila, beer or just soda, the choice is yours.

Meanwhile, the latter equips two vendors in Dogtown that you can buy food and drinks with the ability to provide you with an array of animated snacks, with a menu ranging from sandwiches and burgers to sushi and even a sweet dessert pudding.

The drinks and food offered by the mods, which can be used together and are also compatible with their base editions of the game, cost almost the same as their unanimous equivalents in the available menu and express the same passives effect.

So, go and get drunk as drunk, loud or well fed as you like. Who knows, it might help distract you from feeling like you’re being watched at certain times in one of Phantom Liberty’s endings.

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