The Fearless Fund’s grant program was already ‘in jeopardy’ before the case

The Fearless Fund’s Strivers Grant Program was already in jeopardy before Edward Blum’s American Alliance for Equal Rights sued it in August, according to documents reviewed by TechCrunch. In June, just two months before the lawsuit was filed, the foundation arm of the fund held an offsite company where it labeled the Strivers Grant Program, … Read more

Polestar’s climate bot isn’t really a bot. It’s better that way.

“When is a bot a person?,” asked my colleague Kirsten after I learned that the Polestar climate bot more man than machine. Polestar launched the “Truth Bot” on X (formerly Twitter) ahead COP28the UN climate conference hosted by an oil executive. Truth Bot responds to misleading tweets about the climate crisis and electrification, citing research … Read more

TC+ Roundup: The venture downturn is not the end of Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand face the same challenges as other technologies: valuations are back, early-stage funding is high, and investors want their businesses to focus on sustainable long-term growth and a clear path to income. Full TechCrunch+ articles are available to members only.Use the discount code TCP PLUS ROUNDUP to save 20% off a one … Read more

AWS Amazon Connect adds genAI for the contact center

AWS on Tuesday unveiled new generative AI capabilities for Amazon Connect, its public cloud contact center service. These capabilities include the implementation of Amazon Q, Amazon’s new generative AI assistant, as well as new tools for Contact Lens, Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect Customer Profiles. Amazon Q on Amazon Connect helps agents by recommending … Read more

Building for the era of Medicaid regulation with Neil Batlivala from the Pair Team

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind startups. This week Becca and Dom accompanied by Neil Batlivalathe CEO and co-founder of Double Team, a startup building infrastructure to help the most vulnerable populations get the clinical and social care they need through Medicaid expansion. Neil discusses how his previous experience in health … Read more