Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Gizmodo Monday Puzzle Back from summer vacation! After a long season of sunshine, flip flops and mental atrophy, it’s time to get back into the cold, fast world of rationality. Our last challenge The break before the break was also our most controversial ever. The comments section was surprisingly filled with animated debate over the counter-intuitive card puzzle. shout out to the reader Enfi For your clear explanation of the solution and for helping me stop the rebellion.

Tonight is the eve of All Hallows’ Eve, so to honor the spookiest time of the year, we’re trapping you in a terrifying hell scene. Zombies are after your brain, and that’s exactly what you have to use to survive.

One of these is a classic problem while wearing a Halloween costume. The second is a satanic version.

Puzzle #17: Poison Poison

Zombies have taken over the world, and you preside over a stronghold with a group of humans trying to build a normal life. You have 1,000 barrels of water to feed your people, but your chief scientist comes to you one morning with some disturbing news: the water supply has been contaminated, and one of the 1,000 barrels is now poisoned. , but he couldn’t figure it out.

Poisonous water looks and tastes just like all the others, but if anyone drinks even a drop of it, he will die suddenly that midnight, You don’t want to risk life, but since Hollywood has universally agreed that corpses have no moral value, you’re ready to capture and poison them in search of a bad barrel.

Trapping dead bodies is hard work. You need a minimum number of zombies to identify the poison barrel before tomorrow,

Puzzle #17B

Here’s a bonus puzzle: If you had zombies, how many zombies would you need? 2,000 barrel and 2 days To run a test?

Neither problem is easy, but the second is more difficult to conceptualize, and I don’t recommend attempting it until you have solved the first problem. If you want a little hint for each, I’ll give you a better hint and just answer you. Because determining the number of zombies you need isn’t really a puzzle, it’s a puzzle. How you will use them,

So if it helps, for 1,000 barrels a day you would need so many dead body. For 2,000 barrels in two days, you will need so many dead body.

As a reminder, we encourage open discussion and collaboration in the comments, but that means you may encounter unwanted spoilers there. We will post the solution and a new puzzle next Monday. Good luck and happy Halloween.

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