Mario Wonder Proves Nintendo Perfected Weird Little Guys

Everyone loves a wonderful little man. Maybe it is Danny DeVitomaybe catsmaybe TurgleMeat Boy, or the Prince of All Cosmos. The longer the list of awesome little guys in the game, the more Nintendo shows it. It’s been making amazing little guys for decades. Goombas. Midna. Basically all of the Animal Crossing. And Nintendo’s latest … Read more

8 Games For Your Halloween Weekend

Play it on: Meta Quest 2/Pro/3 (or the flat version of almost everything)Current goals: Starving myself of upgrades until I get the good guns I’m surprised at how infrequently games appear in my VR gaming time. The standalone Meta Quest games, which siphon the bulk of development dollars from the (in my opinion) more exciting … Read more

Retro console maker Polymega reckons it will ship all remaining pre-orders this year, if you’re feeling lucky.

If you want a high-end retro gaming solution and have been slightly delayed by stock issues, a major supplier may finally be able to solve it… maybe. Playmaji, the company behind Polymega, expects to ship all remaining pre-orders this year, according to a statement provided by VG247 buds on Addition of Time. To view this … Read more

‘Resident Evil Village’ iOS Release Celebration Discount Announced, Up to 60% Off Until November 20th – TouchArcade

Release Capcom Resident Evil Village () next week on iPhone 15 Pro and supports iPad models with M1 chipset or better. If you missed my progress review covering the iPhone 15 Pro game, read it here. Capcom originally announced that the official price for the base game would be a $39.99 unlocked with a $19.99 … Read more

The Xbox leadership reshuffle isn’t just a corporate chair swap, it could help Bethesda avoid another Redfall

Some of Xbox’s top executives have received shiny new titles to hang on their office doors thanks to a reorganization battle. Why should you care? Well, the changes might help prevent another game from ending up like Redfall. The changes, detailed in an internal memo published by The Verge, will see execs Sarah Bond and … Read more

Updates for Cypher 007, Angry Birds Reloaded, Stitch, Samba De Amigo, Grindstone, and More Are Out Now – TouchArcade

Regular readers may have noticed the lack of posts from me this week on the site. I was hurt, and I just got better. Obviously I’m going to miss the weekly Apple Arcade feature, but I’m managing to write Resident Evil Village on the iPhone 15 Pro yesterday. After the launch of NBA 2K24 Arcade … Read more