Anduril unveils Roadrunner, “a fighter jet weapon that drops like a Falcon 9”

Leading defense technology startup Anduril has developed a new product designed to deal with the proliferation of low-cost, high-powered aerial threats. The product is called Roadrunner, a modular, twin-jet powered autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air vehicle designed for low cost. Anduril has also developed a variant called the Roadrunner-Munition, or Roadrunner-M, a “high-explosive … Read more

How the Tesla Cyberbeast compares to other expensive electric pickups

After keeping some key specs close to its proverbial chest, Tesla has finally shared more details about the final production versions of the Cybertruck electric pickup. Tesla published battery, speed and other statistics during its delivery on Thursday, with the automaker coming out to compare the Cybertruck to some of its competitors, including Ford’s F-150 … Read more

Defense startup Epirus CEO has left to take a new job at a public company

Start on defense Epirus, Inc. got new leadership. Staff were told in an all-hands meeting this morning that CEO Ken Bedingfield is leaving, TechCrunch has learned. The news was later confirmed by a company spokesperson, who told TechCrunch that Bedingfield had accepted a role at an unnamed public company. He will be replaced by COO … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck delivery event: everything Elon revealed about the EV pickup

With dubstep as the soundtrack and neon lights as the backdrop, Elon Musk handed over the first Cybertrucks to a select group of customers that included Reddit co-founder and VC fund Seven Seven Six founder Alexis Ohanian and Trousdale Ventures founder and CEO Phillip Sarofim. The live stream portion of the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event … Read more

The former Blue Origin rocket engine manager has blamed wrongful termination for safety whistleblowing

The former program manager of Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engines has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging whistleblower retaliation after she spoke out about safety issues. The complaint was filed on Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It includes a detailed account of program manager Craig Stoker’s efforts over seven months to raise … Read more

The makers of the popular Dream by Wombo AI app have launched a new app for AI avatars

Wombo, the creator of the viral AI-generated art app Wombo’s Dream, is back with another new AI-powered app called Wombo Me. A new AI avatar app from a Canadian startup lets you turn a selfie into multiple lifelike avatars. Although there are many popular AI avatar apps already on the market, such as Lensa AI, … Read more

Yieldstreet to acquire real estate investment platform Cadre

Alternative investment platform Yieldstreet announced today that it has agreed to acquire Cadre, an online real-estate-focused investment platform aimed at institutional and high-net-worth investors. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded in 2015, Yieldstreet gives people a way to invest in areas such as real estate, marine/shipping, legal finance, commercial loans and other … Read more

Instagram Threads search now supports ‘all languages’ in the latest update

Instagram’s Twitter/X rival, Threads, has become more competitive in expanding its keyword search feature to all markets where the app is available. The feature was initially tested in English-speaking markets including Australia and New Zealand in August before expanding to most other English- and Spanish-speaking countries, including the US in September. now, ACCORDING to the … Read more