Celestial toymaker could be the next Doctor Who to make an animated remake

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There is no one more strange than this am a doctor The fact is that right now you can’t go back and watch this year’s final presentation big 60th anniversary villain—the toymaker, now played with Neil Patrick Harris—57 years ago because 75% of that story doesn’t really exist anymore. But this may change, at least in the near future.

British tabloid Daily Mirror (via) Radio Times) reports that the next possible target am a doctor‘S Animated re-release series revive remaining 97 missing episodes There may actually be “The Celestial Toymaker” from the show’s early history, which will likely tie into the character’s return next month as part of a trio of special episodes celebrating the show’s 60th anniversary. in the seventh series am a doctorIn the third season, just one episode, “The Celestial Toymaker” (its fourth and final) survived the BBC’s archival junking policy of the era, making it largely inaccessible to modern audiences.

There have been few releases of the serial – an audio recording of the entire story was released in 2001, and the final episode was released in 2004 as part of a “Lost in Time” box set that included a variety of clips and episodes. . missing serial. But an animated remake would mark the first time since airing that “The Celestial Toymaker” will appear in a visual medium. It’s a shame that it’ll no doubt miss next month’s anniversary proceedings – these remakes take time, and “The Celestial” is slated for the next release after the upcoming Patrick Troughton serial “The Underwater Menace.” Toymaker” has also not been officially confirmed, will have to wait even longer.

but at least Some? In the future, modern fans who see Harris’ character in this year’s anniversary celebration will finally be able to go back and see where this particularly strange piece am a doctor History began.

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