Cities: Skylines 2 gets its first patch with more

Colossal Order has released the first of many patches to improve the performance of Cities: Skylines 2 and promises more to come.

Today’s patch doesn’t address all the issues the developer is aware of, but more fixes are coming. The patch is currently only available on Steam, but the team is trying to put it on the Microsoft Store as soon as possible.

Cities: Sylines 2 launch trailer.

The first patch promises more consistent performance with high resolutions and includes tweaks to global brightness and depth of field, you can expect various optimizations and bug fixes.

Soon, you can expect small patches and possibly a big one, as the studio is working to improve different parts of the show. Some of the fixes include removing stutters that are usually caused by a simulation synchronization condition, optimizing and balancing GPU performance by reducing the number of vertices processed per frame and optimize / balance effects that affect fillrate, and keep pushing any CPU. optimizations found in the process studio.

Colossal Order says that balancing GPU performances does not mean reducing quality but taking fewer samples with a smarter distribution to achieve the same or similar results. The studio is also looking at expanding the options for upscaling solutions and investigating the ability to provide a better quality anti-aliasing solution than what is currently being used.

And, for those experiencing low FPS, until the issue is addressed, the developers recommend that you do the following: reduce the screen resolution to 1080p, disable Depth of Field and Volumetrics, reduce Global Illumination, and you can see this guide for more tips.

With the upcoming patches, Colossal Order expects things to improve significantly on the default settings, but note that the performance target is for the game to run at a constant 30FPS minimum, as there is no It’s “real good” for a city builder to aim for higher. FPS; however, it “doesn’t hurt” to get 60FPS because it “contributes to better visuals related to temporal effects.”

Cities: Skylines 2 was released for PC on October 24, and will come to PlayStation and Xbox in spring 2024.

If you’re thinking of picking it up, give our Cities: Skylines 2 review a read. Alex felt it was a “very good sequel with an exciting foundation for a bright, more future.”

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