Cities: Skylines 2 may bite off more than it can chew when it comes to rendering teeth

As you may have heard, Cities: Skylines 2 has some teething issues from a performance perspective and, in fact, as one of the many factors that may contribute to these problems is how the game gives white pearls to its citizens.

Naturally, while they are waiting for Paradox to provide some updates designed to help the game run more smoothly, the first of which arrived yesterday, some players are busy testing which aspects of it can be a little more. optimization. As it turns out, one of the things that might be partly responsible for the game’s hardware-intensive nature might be the glowing gnashers of its NPCs.

According to the results of some in-game testing done by Reddit user Hexcoder0, it seems that the CS2 may be providing high-quality individual teeth to the head of its citizens no matter how far its camera is from them. “I looked a little bit at what the game drew with NSight and it turns out that the teeth are not only captured, but in this particular camera view from a block away they are still captured throughout the resolution,” they wrote.

Usually, when details like this get to a point where they can’t be seen by the player, their models are automatically swapped out for less detailed versions that don’t really affect the overall performance of the game. Using an external profiler to measure how the CPU and GPU of their rig handles running the game seems like the Redditor has found evidence that Cities Skylines 2 isn’t telling the systems to run it swap at the right times or at all.

“This means the asset in question still renders full detail, using more memory and computation time with little or no real-world graphical gain,” explained a fellow Redditor at comments section of the post.

While the incredibly detailed teeth are quickly becoming the main thing discussed as a potential performance drain, Hexcoder0 points out that they definitely don’t look like the only reason. “Actually, in my first scan of (the game), it seems that the cars in particular use (autogenerated) LODs, but the props and citizens do not,” they wrote, “Using my ( recommended) settings on a 1080, most of the time the gpu seems to just draw meshes.”

If the performance issues plaguing Cities: Skylines 2 have left you unsure whether it’s worth trying, be sure to check out our review.

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