Cruise backs robotaxis after California calls them ‘not safe’

GM-owned Cruise has suspended its driverless taxis, the company said in a statement. Post on x, Earlier it was called Twitter, comes after this California DMV’s temporary ban on cruise robotaxis earlier this week. Cruz says he is working to “rebuild public trust” and will examine his operating procedures and systems.

suspension will have an impact driverless operation of cruiseA spokesperson for Cruise told Gizmodo that its supervised AV operations – vehicles operated by a human driver – will continue.

“Part of this involves taking a hard look inside ourselves and at how we operate on the cruise, even if that means doing things that are uncomfortable or difficult,” the company posted on X.

Cruz claimed the suspension was not related to incidents on the road, saying, “We feel it is the right thing to do during a period when we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to risk, with a constant focus on safety.” “There needs to be steps to center and rebuild.” public trust.”

A Cruise spokesperson did not confirm whether it had suspended its driverless vehicles for San Francisco operations due to the DMV’s decision, reiterating that the decision is for public confidence. “This is to reflect the way Cruise operates and how to improve the process,” he said.

The spokesperson also did not respond to Gizmodo’s question about when Cruise expects to get its robotaxis back on the road.

“As we have always said, safety is our guide,” the spokesperson said. “We will determine the timeline after evaluating processes, systems and equipment.”

The California DMV suspended robotaxis from San Francisco roadways on Tuesday, saying the driverless vehicles are “not safe for the public to operate” and pose an “undue risk to the public.” The DMV said it would not lift the suspension “until the company meets the requirements to the department’s satisfaction.”

Earlier Thursday, U.S. auto safety officials said they were investigating five reports of improper braking of Cruise’s driverless cars, resulting in collisions.

“We welcome NHTSA’s questions regarding our safety record and operations,” a Cruise spokesperson said in a statement. automotive news, “We have cooperated with each of their requests as part of the ongoing investigative process to date and will continue to do so.”

Cruise is required to respond to NHTSA’s request for video footage and additional detailed information regarding the crash report by November 3. If Cruz doesn’t respond, he could face up to $132 million in civil penalties.


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