Deadpool 3 director talks about Logan’s importance in the film

Just because Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine doesn’t mean he didn’t already die. From the day it was announced Jackman was joining Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming third dead pool The film, the stars were adamant that the events logan, James Mangold’s 2017 classic, happened. “Logan died logan, Reynolds said, “Don’t touch him.”

Now, in a new interview, deadpool 3Director Shawn Levy not only reiterates that fact, but also praises the previous Wolverine film by making it clear. logan important to the story deadpool 3 must tell. “I’ve always said I can’t wait deadpool 3 to come out because I just want to do an interview with Ryan where we talk about his reverence for the film logan,” Levi said brobible, ,logan Is canon. we love logan, that happened. I want the world to know that there is deep love and respect between all of us as producers and directors loganEvery aspect of how it’s laid out, and all the events that happen.

So it looks like, in the next few months, we’ll all have to take another turn logan, However the biggest question at the moment is how much time do we actually have?

Last week, Disney moved many of these Film release—production in early 2024 to 2025 deadpool 3, currently scheduled for release in May 2024, is one of the next films. The problem is that the rumors started circulating even before Disney made other changes. deadpool 3 would like I am missing its release date. However this has not been confirmed yet. When the actors’ strike happened, Levy was about halfway through filming, so even if the strike ended today, it would take some time to get everyone back on set. May feels very optimistic at this point.

That said, you probably won’t need to start a fire. logan At least for a few months, if not more.

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