Despite Spider-Man 2 in the spotlight, Lords of the Fallen topped 1 million in sales

Spider-Man 2 clearly hasn’t sucked all the air out of the proverbial bedroom in October when it comes to big releases. Lords of Falena small game in comparison, managed to sell 1 million units in less than ten days, 54% of which were done on consoles.

Although the comparison seems a little pointless at this point, it nevertheless takes the original Lords of the Fallen (from 2014) seven months to reach 900,000 sales.

The modern Lords of the Fallen is a visual benchmark for Unreal Engine 5, with interesting tweaks to the genre like Souls like the world double mechanic. Although its overall reception was better than the original, the overall verdict was somewhat mixed, with many reviews, including our own, bemoaning the unpleasant difficulty spikes and performance problems.

Any game that sells a million units in such a short period of time is obviously a success, but it’s especially true in this case because of how much Lords of the Fallen cost to develop. According to publisher CI Games, the budget of the game is PLN 281 million ($66.6 million) – which includes almost everything; from development, to marketing and publishing.

As stated by Game World ObserverLords of the Fallen is CI Games’ most expensive project to date, and the publisher is looking to create a franchise from the IP.

In comparison, Lies of P, another recent Soulmate, managed to sell a million copies a monththough the comparison isn’t entirely valid here since it works with Game Pass.

Lords of the Fallen continues to receive major updates on a regular basis. The latest targets a couple of major pain points when it comes to game balance, with more on the way this week and beyond.

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