Diablo 4 Sweepstakes Requires 666 Quarts Of Human Blood

action role-playing game Diablo IV its fans want to bleed. True. The demonic dungeon-crawler announced on October 20 that, for the next month, players can donate their actual blood in exchange for in-game items and, finally, for the chance to win the a liquid-cooled PC with lots of human blood.

This is Blood Harvest, developer Blizzard said in revealed its postand it coincides with Diablo IVof Blood Season Update. Until November 20, US residents over 18 will be able to log in any donation to the blood center they did on the official website of Blood Harvest.

“Our goal is to harvest a total of 666 liters of blood,” Blizzard wrote, and donors will receive in-game items based on collective effort, while the pool of blood painted the country. “Red-coated cosmetics will be unlocked when reaching 33 percent, 66 percent, and 100 percent of our goal,” including more weapon cosmetics at 33 and a red-eyed, dappled horse mount at 100 percent. Those who don’t deserve it for blood donationor those living abroad, can reap the in-game benefits “as we progress toward our donation goal,” devil shared on Twitter. Currently, devil is 39 percent of its goalmeans everything devil players have access to new, red weapon skins.

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Additionally, any adult in the US, regardless of donation status, can enter the Blood Harvest sweepstakes prize: a liquid-cooled PC with “real human blood.” More practically, it will also contain an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and an Intel Core i9 CPU. You can enter to win a custom-built PC once Blizzard collects 666 quarts of it.

Harvest of Blood has a sinister quality to it, mainly because it was orchestrated by Blizzard. But there is an ongoing and serious shortage of blood in the US, the The Red Cross said in September, and I am at peace with Blizzard’s call-to-gamers in a crisis. I wonder where the PC blood is—that reminds me of when The Romans would drink gladiator’s blood to be virile, or if rapper Lil Nas X sells $1,000 worth of bloody Nikes so people can look virile on Instagram—from; Kotaku Blizzard reached out for comment. I’m hoping a blood cooled PC will improve my KD.

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