Does Modern Warfare 2 transfer the content of Modern Warfare 3?

Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is almost here. If you’ve invested any money in Modern Warfare II and Warzone, you may be wondering if those purchases will transfer to Modern Warfare III or if you’ll have to start over.

Fortunately, there is good news for fans who spent their hard-earned money on content for Modern Warfare II. Here’s everything we know about how content from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II works with Modern Warfare III and Warzone.

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Activision’s new Carry Forward program

Earlier this year, Activision announced a consumer-friendly “Carry Forward” program that allows content purchased for Modern Warfare II to carry over to not only Modern Warfare III, but also the next evolution of Warzone in works with a new map.

The Carry Forward program applies to standard weapons and unlocks that you don’t pay for but instead unlock through progression. “All weapons in Modern Warfare II will be available for players in Modern Warfare III,” Activision said. The Carry Forward program also applies to content purchased with real money such as Lara Croft or Lilith skins, BlackCell bundles, and more. This all applies to Modern Warfare III.

“If you haven’t played MWII and selected MWIII, the full complement of MWII weapons will be available, but only after completing the MWIII weapon challenges,” Activision said, adding that all attachments and camos from Modern Warfare II will also be carried forward.

Content from MW2 continues in MW3
Content from MW2 continues in MW3

There’s no time to wait, either, as Carry Forward content will be available in Modern Warfare III at the start of Season 1 of Modern Warfare III at launch.

The in-game store for Modern Warfare II and Warzone includes an icon with a graphic that says your purchase is part of the Carry Forward program. It should be quick and easy to find out if the content you buy will continue in Modern Warfare III.

Not all, though

The Carry Forward program does not include all. Activision says a “small amount” of content from Modern Warfare II won’t make it into Modern Warfare III. First, any unlocked Wartracks, which is Activision’s term for a music track, will not be carried over to Modern Warfare III. As an example, Activision said if Modern Warfare III does not include the Tactical Amphibious vehicle, or a specific piece of tactical or lethal equipment, any skins for them will not come to Modern Warfare III.

Overall, Activision said the amount of content from Modern Warfare II that won’t be available in Modern Warfare III will be “small.”

Level up in both games

Weapon development across Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare III is shared, meaning that progress made in one game will be reflected in the other. This is how it works in Warzone as well and has worked since Modern Warfare II and Warzone first merged with each other.

Your MW2 content will be available in MW3 (usually)
Your MW2 content will be available in MW3 (usually)

No Carry Back

The Carry Forward program only works in one direction. Any content created for Modern Warfare III will not be available in your Modern Warfare II account.

How does Warzone Mobile work?

Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty Warzone Mobile game will share development with Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III, and Warzone. Activision said it “intends” to have all Operators, weapons, blueprints, and cosmetic items available in Warzone Mobile. Player levels, Battle Passes, and weapon progression are also planned to be shared across all three games. Activision says it will announce more details later. Warzone Mobile is set to release in 2024.

For more, make sure read Activision’s complete and in-depth breakdown of the Carry Forward program.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III launches on November 10, but everyone who preorders can start playing the campaign on November 2. And while Microsoft now owns Call of Duty, Modern Warfare III won’t be coming to the game Pass until 2024 as soon as possible.

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