EA Sports FC 24 not cutting it for you? Sensible Soccer is back from the dead for PC and consoles

While EA Sports FC 24 has recently been plagued by some sticky ball-related issues, it still arguably tops the footy gaming table for non-Football Manager converts. However, a new challenger is now preparing to take the pitch and it looks very promising.

If you’re a fan of the Sensible Soccer series, you’re probably familiar with Jon Hare, who was one of the key figures behind its creation. Well, now Hare is back with Sociable Soccer 24, a footy-themed title that seeks to build on the legacy of the classic 90s games by providing an experience that isn’t as sim-oriented as the one offered in EA Sports FC and FIFA titles. good weather today.

Thanks to a licensing agreement with FIFPRO, the roster of Sociable Soccer 24 includes over 13k real-world professional players from the 23/24 season, from the likes of Vinicius Junior to Declan Rice, with each player’s “unique skills and attributes (that) are faithfully replicated, allowing you to assemble your dream team from real-world talent.

As you can get a taste of the gameplay trailer above, the action it offers is designed to be “lightning fast”, meaning that you and your opponents will likely spend most of a game pinging pinpoint attacks. -attack to pass and carve each other. defenses. Designed to cater to both veteran and casual players, the game looks like it would lend itself well to high-scoring matches that come down to the final swell of the 90th minute or stoppage time winner.

So, if you prefer that to the idea of ​​grinding out a win by scoring once and then parking the bus to try and keep a clean sheet, you might be in luck.

There also looks to be a card collecting element to Sensible Soccer that could scratch the itch of Ultimate Team converts, with a “full clan system” playing into the game’s element which is based on assembling your own unique squad and taking out others.

You can get Sensible Soccer 24 on the PC from November 16 onwards, with its arrival on consoles set to happen further down the line.

If you’re interested in reading more about EA Sports FC 24, the recent arrival of the game’s European sales charts for September shows some interesting trends regarding the game compared to FIFA 23.

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