EA Sports FC 24 title’s fourth update looks set to deliver a proper fix for the infamous ‘calf dribble’ glitch

Last week, if you can believe it, some incredibly sticky balls were causing issues in EAFC 24. Luckily, it seems now that, after a temporary fix, an upcoming update to game title can solve the problem in a more permanent way.

If this is your first encounter with what some players call the ‘calf dribble’ glitch, this is an issue that can cause “the ball (to) not properly attach to the dribbler’s leg while they are running” during a match. Naturally, this caused a lot of grief, especially given that players affected by the bug became impossible to tackle and could run through entire teams to score goals by dribbling into the net.

Thank you, the newly published patch notes for the fourth update of the FC 24 title, which the developer said will be “soon available” for all versions of the game, it seems to reveal that a fix for the glitch will come as part this. In the notes section dedicated to the issues of the game aimed at the update, the first entry reads: “In some situations, the ball may not properly stick to the leg of a dribbler while they are running” , which is the exact description EA gave to the ‘calf dribble’ glitch in its predecessor tracker list identify the issue.

While the list has not yet been updated to 100% confirm that the fix mentioned in the notes of this update is definitely for that particular bug, there is a very good chance that it is. This will be music to the ears of players, who had to deal with the removal of Trickster + PlayStyle from Ultimate Team Player Items, which EA deployed as a temporary fix for the glitch shortly after that it emerges.

Consistent with what EA said when implementing that fix, it’s not as if the fix in this title update will immediately re-apply Trickster+ to affected items, with the developer says: “Once this issue is addressed in a future Title Update, we’ll look to add Trickster+ back to available Player Items.

So, you might have to wait a little longer to see the playstyle make a proper return to the game.

Among the other fixed issues in this particular patch notes is one that sees “the goalkeeper (face) away from the ball when trying to save a shot” in some situations and one that sees players in career mode forced to read the book by a club legend more often than the developers intended.

Another recent problem with EA Sports FC 24, which has since been fixed, prevented Xbox players from entering online matches. Meanwhile, the recent arrival of the European game sales chart for September shows some interesting trends regarding the game compared to FIFA 23.

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