Elon Musk’s ex/Twitter launches voice and video calls

Elon Musk is on a mission to turn X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) into what was once the world’s most successful microblogging platform. An “everything app”– A kind of one-stop shop of web services. During this attempted transition, Musk can claim two primary accomplishments: a), The company lost a lot of money, and b) integrating a number of new features into the platform that no one asked for. It is said that features like YouTube have been included in it video contentlong form Write, live streamingghost of crypto payment And now, it appears, voice and video calls. For paying customers, that is.

Yes, this morning, as soon as I got out of bed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I reflexively engaged in the cursed ritual of unlocking my phone and checking X/Twitter to begin the daily doom scroll. . I was immediately greeted with an ominous message: “Audio and video calls are here!” When I followed up, sure enough, Musk had tweeted additional (if fairly limited) information about the new feature: “Early version of video and audio calling on Said, which shows how to install it.

As far as divine is possible Is Some kind of embryonic calling feature is in the works, although it’s not available to everyone, and a lot about it is still unclear. It appears that only premium subscribers have access to it. Site Help Page It is claimed that this feature is currently available only on iOS but will soon be available for Android as well. The page also says that only Premium subscribers “have the ability to make audio and video calls.” As said, apparently all users can do this Receive calls, although if you don’t want to receive them you can explicitly change the direct message settings to avoid receiving unwanted dials from the Blue Check crowd.

People who, for some reason, are paying Elon Musk to use the platform, have some X users How-to guides posted To activate said feature. According to these people, all you need to do to access this feature is update your app. After that, you should go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Direct Messages > Enable Audio and Video Calling.

“Still a beta product, but it’s promising,” Musk commented In terms of convenience, on a user’s thread.

So, yes, if you are a Premium X user and you have always dreamed of video/voice chatting with people through the platform, it appears that your wish is coming true?

Voice and video calls, while interesting, can present some interesting challenges for users if the feature is not handled delicately by the platform (privacy and accessibility concerns may be raised). So, basically, we don’t know a lot yet. As always with Musk, we’ll have to wait for his next tweet to know more.

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