FF7 Rebirth Devs Have A Surprise Planned For An Iconic Scene

The hugely popular 1997 role-playing game Final Fantasy VII worshiped in its original form, grafted into a similarly admired one 2020 remakeand now, developer Square Enix promises a “reincarnation” magistrate in a PlayStation 5 exclusive set for February 29, 2024. Like the 2020 remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth acts as both an effigy of the original—a breakthrough title for Japanese-made RPGs—and a reinvention of it, with improved graphics and new narrative beats that break from established lore, including a “surprise” during one of the most memorable games. scenes, the developers said.

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After you reach FFVIIThe Forgotten Capital As the swooshy-haired protagonist Cloud, the game drenches you in ice water and watches as the antagonist Sephiroth kills Cloud’s lover Aerith. In the ’90s, FFVIIof first disc ended here, on this cool note.

In this week Thailand Game Show 2023and while talking to Indonesian game site Gamebrott, Rebirth Director Naoki Hamaguchi issued a message “to all players about this ‘you-know-what’ moment” in Forgotten Capital: “we can confirm that we will give you a ‘big surprise,'” he said, according to a Google translation of the Indonesian text. “So you can look forward to later in the game.”

Hamaguchi, not surprisingly, does not offer the intricacies or extent of this “surprise,” and refuses to engage in any fan theories (although he does express his gratitude for them, which -saying “we really welcome it and feel the joy of being active with the fans. to come up with different kinds of theories.”) But if it’s like logical but powerful changes in the plot line that produced by Square Enix until 2020. FFVII remake, it will likely disappoint longtime fans who want to see their childhood memories faithfully recreated, while others will be excited by its breaks from the familiar timeline. suggests bold new narrative possibilities, all while perhaps leaving. FF7 newcomers scratching their heads of what it all means.

For example: in the ’90s, FFVIIof arcane ending—the protagonist Cloud defeats the enemy Sephiroth for the last time, the world is conquered by an incorporeal Lifestream of mint-green energy-impressive, and its post-credits scene, in which the wolf beast Red XIII runs around a leafy, seemingly uninhabited planet, is ambiguous (and, for some human, annoying) is unclear. The 2020 remake respects this history by blowing minds in a similar way, preserving the ’90s ambiguity but introducing new details to analyze.

Rebirth—which Hamaguchi said Gamebrott shows a more “extensive exploration” than the original FFVIIbut leaves some of its attractive features alone, such as the mini games of The Gold Saucer amusement park—seemed destined to do the same.

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