Final Fantasy creator brings Yoshi-P to tears by thanking him for “making Final Fantasy better”

This weekend Final Fantasy 14 The Fan Festival looked like an emotional one, as the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida was brought to tears by none other than the creator of Final Fantasy himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Yoshida, perhaps better known by the affectionate nickname he’s adopted as Yoshi-P, is clearly Square Enix’s new golden boy these days. After all, he brought Final Fantasy 14 back from the dead with its now iconic reboot. Of course, he also produced the latest numbered entry in the series, Final Fantasy 16, which was generally a hit with fans – and it was also a hit with Sakaguchi. The Final Fantasy creator made an appearance at the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest over the weekend, and even managed to make Yoshi-P cry.

“I’m going to thank you back for making Final Fantasy even better moving forward,” were the words Sakaguchi shared with Yoshi-P that made him cry, helped of course by everyone in the crowd cheering for both of them – you can see see for yourself in the video above. Coming from the man who started the series himself must have meant a lot to Yoshida, leading him to say, “I never expected Sakaguchi-san to make me cry.”

It’s clearly a touching moment between the two Final Fantasy figureheads, and it feels like it fits well with the overall spirit of the series as well. Of course, Yoshida’s tears weren’t the only thing on display at the event. Notably, FF14 will get a crossover event with FF16, which might not be too difficult considering Yoshida’s involvement in both. You can also expect a Final Fantasy 11 crossover raid as well, as well as, confusingly, a Fall Guys crossover (get a shot for every crossover there is). And of course, the next expansion Dawntrail is also coming out next year, so it’s safe to say, it’s a great time to be a FF14 fan.

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