Fortnite Chapter 1 Return Map All But Confirmed

After months of rumors and news about what will happen at the end of Fortnite Chapter 4, we are now close to Season 5. It might not be the Season 5 you were expecting, as it is somewhat confirmed in this point that the next season of Fortnite, which will start on November 3, will put us in a new version of the Battle Royale map from Chapter 1 Season 5.

There are a lot of rumors about this upcoming season, which is expected to last only a month before Chapter 5 starts in December. But the picture began to come into focus in recent weeks. And we are close to a confirmation of these plans when a content creator names Posted by Salvatretzzo about a package he received from Epic.

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The pack, as you can see, includes several pins themed after Chapter 1 Seasons 5 to 10 (X), as well as a new one that simply says Fortnite OG, a dog tag with same logo as Fortnite OG, a vinyl single playing. the old lobby theme and with the Season 5 map etched into the bottom, and a screen playing an old video of the recipient playing Fortnite in the original Season 5.

Salvatretzzo must have jumped the gun and revealed his box before he did, because it’s been a few days and no one else has posted theirs. But it was only a matter of time, because Epic would have sent a bunch of them.

While the broad strokes seem pretty set, there have been some discussions among various Fortnite leakers about the specifics of what’s to come. Although things seem to be settled now: You should expect to see the Chapter 1 Season 5 map as it exists, with the only significant changes being additional mobility infrastructure such as ziplines added for Zero Build players. On top of that, there should be an old loot pool–All these brand new guns are saying bye in favor of the old stuff.

And while Zero Build will remain, Season 5 removes all modern movement mechanics such as sprinting, mantling and sliding added in Chapter 3, which seems very annoying.

Don’t expect the map to stick around for Season 5, though. Expect the map to change significantly over the course of this month-long period, updating regularly to reflect the major changes that have occurred in the rest of Chapter 1–that’s six periods to cover in four weeks, so it must be pretty wild. .

While I’ve complained about Fortnite’s storyline, or lack thereof, recently, the story quest this time around THERE builds towards this by introducing Kado Thorne’s time machine at the start of the season, and then we have him pick it up and move it to Frenzy Farm. Now, the time machine is currently set to July 12, 2018–the first day of Chapter 1 Season 5–and it’s spitting out Chapter 1 stuff. There is every reason to think we will be back.

While we’re pretty confident we know the basics about next season, there’s still a ton we don’t know. There were rumors earlier this year of a Doctor Who collab and a Lego collab tied to this shortened season–Doctor Who would make all kinds of sense for a time travel plan, and Lego has definition of constantly changing map. But those rumors have completely dried up, and there is no new word about any collabs for Season 5. The Lego collab, for what it’s worth, is definitely happening and was mentioned openly by Epic. This may not happen in this next, unusual arrangement period.

Does this baby-size season have a battle pass? Is it full of remix skins from Chapter 1? These are the questions we don’t know. But Season 5 is less than two weeks away now, so we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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