From Eve with the Green is a Low-Key Take on Pinball You Must Try

But the new game From Eve with Green turns the usual game on its head with big results.

The game begins simply with a mysterious letter from Eve with a green souvenir. That begins a fun journey with an inspiring story and unforgettable characters.

You begin a journey to peace by collecting mystical seeds. After planting, you will help different characters find their piece. While progressing, you can decorate your environment.

Playing pinball combines the mechanics you’re familiar with with fun new ideas. But even with the unusual take on pinball, the game is easy to learn.

With a minimalistic art style used to capture the emotions of each character you meet and the scene, the soundtrack is also top notch and helps highlight a great story.

From Eva with Green is a $1.99 download in the App Store now for iPhone and all iPad models.

I only played for a short time, but I really enjoyed the game. I didn’t know what to expect to begin with, but it was a fun take on a typical pinball madness.

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