Google executive says Google paid billions to make Play Store and Assistant default apps on Samsung phones

According to information revealed during the ongoing Google vs. Epic Games trial, Google paid Samsung billions of dollars to make its app store, Assistant, search engine and other services the default option on Samsung-made smartphones. On Monday, Google’s vice president for partnerships James Colotouros revealed that the company has signed deals with various smartphone makers, including the South Korean tech group, to install the Google Play Store out-of-the-box on Android phones. .

bloomberg reports Kolotouros’ testimony during the ongoing Google vs. Epic Games trial revealed that nearly half of Google’s Play Store revenue comes from customers who own Samsung devices. The executive also said the company planned to create a system to split revenue from the Play Store with smartphone makers in exchange for having the firm’s apps preinstalled on their smartphones.

According to the report, under Google’s ‘Project Banyan’ initiative that started in 2019, the company planned to spend $200 million on a deal under which Samsung will distribute its Galaxy Store apps through the Play Store. Although that deal did not pan out, the company agreed to pay Samsung $8 billion (roughly Rs. 66,500 crores) over a four-year period to keep the Play Store present on Samsung phones along with the smartphone maker’s App Store. .

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday also testified The search giant pays Apple 36 percent of Safari search revenue in exchange for the service being the default on the company’s smartphones. Epic’s lawyer reportedly asked Pichai if the amount paid by Google to Apple was greater than the amount paid to Samsung, and the CEO said it was possible but added that it was like comparing apples and oranges. Is.

In the ongoing Google vs Epic trial, the latter has presented a number of pieces of evidence as it tries to build a case against the search giant’s App Store. Epic alleges that Google struck deals to protect its Play Store operating profits by stifling the proliferation of alternative or third-party app stores, which is estimated to be worth more than $12 billion (roughly Rs. 99,700 crores) in 2021 by the game publisher.

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