Google Maps is getting more social with a new feature that helps you plan outings with your friends

Google Maps is get some new updates, including a social feature designed to help people plan and collaborate with their friends. The navigation platform also adds improved transit directions and emoji reactions.

The new social feature is designed to take planning out of your group chat and into Google Maps. The platform has updated its list feature to make it easier for people to share places, plan with friends and vote on group activities. With this new feature, you can create a collaborative list to start planning a hangout after you share a place on Maps with friends. Everyone in the group can add places they want to visit, and vote with emoji, like a heart or thumbs down.

Google says the new feature will allow users to plan an outing from start to finish right in the Maps app. For example, you can invite your friends to work together on a list to decide on all the activities you want to do this winter. Everyone can add activities they like, like ice skating at a specific rink or checking out a holiday market. When people start voting, everyone will know which activities are the most popular.

The new update is rolling out globally to Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

As for the improved travel directions, Google Maps makes it easy to see the best route to your destination, based on factors such as ETA, number of transfers and the duration of the trip. There is also now the option to customize your route based on the type of transit you want to take, or if you want to take a route that requires the least amount of walking.

In addition, you will begin to see where the entrances and exits of the station are, which side of the street they are on, and a clear walking route to and from it. These updates will help you ensure that you are on the right train in the right direction.

Transit updates will begin rolling out to Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Google Maps also added emoji reactions to photos, videos and reviews. If you can’t find an emoji that encapsulates your feelings, in some cases you can create mashup reactions with Emoji Kitchen. Emoji reactions are starting to roll out worldwide today on Android and iOS.

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