Google Meet can now see when you raise your hand IRL

Google Cebu launched its hand gesture detection feature in Google Meet that recognizes when your physical hand is raised and triggers a hand raising icon to let video call participants know you have a question. The AI-powered feature was first announced in March.

Google Meet can only see your hand if it’s visible to the camera and must be away from your face and body, the company explained in its recent blog post. You may need to hold your hand up for a few seconds until gesture detection is triggered. The hand raising icon will appear in your video window, and then you will be moved to the main grid to be seen by the moderators you asked to speak.

Available in most Google Meet Workspace plans, the gesture detection feature is turned off by default but can be enabled in the settings. It’s automatically turned off for active speakers, which likely prevents people from enabling the hand-raise icon every time they wave their hands when talking.

The new feature is the same as clicking the raise hand button, but now it feels like you’re back at school. Aside from nostalgic reasons, there are various ways this feature can be useful. For example, if you are standing far from the computer mouse and want to call the host without having to walk. Or maybe you jumped on the call while eating lunch, and your hands are dirty. (You get the idea.)

Last month, Google Meet introduced a portrait touch-up mode that lets you use complexion smoothing, under-eye lightening and eye-whitening effects.

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