Google testing ‘Private Space’ feature for Android phones to safely hide apps: Report

Google is reportedly working on a ‘Private Space’ feature that will add support for securely hiding apps on Android smartphones. Expected to arrive in an upcoming version of the company’s mobile operating system, the feature will allow users to safely hide apps and files from other users. Samsung has offered a similar feature – Secure Folder – for the past six years. Adding native support with Google Private Spaces will allow other phone manufacturers to offer similar functionality on their phones.

The development of the feature was first spotted by Mishaal Rahman on the first beta for the upcoming Android 14 QPR2 release, and the second beta version includes even more details about the feature. In an android police reportRahman says that this feature can be seen in the latest beta version Security & Privacy Option in the Settings app.

Currently in development, the feature allows Android users to create a new Android user profile on the phone that can be locked using the user’s biometrics or their password or PIN. Users who have tried Android’s ‘Work Profile’ feature may be familiar with this functionality.

Notably, once the profile is locked Android will hide not only the presence of these apps but also the content of their notifications. This can come in handy if you want to hand your phone over to a family member while blocking access to certain apps or other content.

According to Rahman, Google is also developing the ability to show these apps in the search bar only when the word ‘private space’ is searched. This will prevent other users from knowing whether you have enabled the Private Space feature in the first place.

Samsung has offered support for similar functionality in the form of Secure Folder on its smartphones since 2017. The feature also creates a separate profile, allowing users to access a different set of contacts, files, photos, and apps in a separate container. Protected using password, PIN or their biometrics.

However, the development of the Private Spaces feature suggests that Google will eventually allow smartphone manufacturers to add support for Samsung’s Secure Folder functionality on their handsets. Rahman explains that this feature could be coming to Android 15, adding that he cannot enable all the Private Space features on the latest beta as it is still in development.

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