Google wants apps that use generative AI tech to follow these rules: Here’s why

Last updated: October 26, 2023, 14:22 IST

Google is bringing new rules for apps that use AI technology

Google is bringing new rules for apps that use AI technology

Google is making these changes as apps have started using generative AI to push new features for users.

Google realizes that the AI ​​boom is slowly reaching the Play Store, requiring changes in policies to protect apps from potential AI incidents. Google acknowledges that it cannot block AI-influenced apps on the Play Store or prevent people from installing them on their phones. So it feels the best way to handle these changes is to change the rules and bring so-called AI apps under its jurisdiction.

The rules say that any app that integrates generative AI for chatbots, images or even text will need to set up in-app reporting mechanisms to ensure that the AI ​​does not generate objectionable content. Is. AI systems across the board are still learning the trades of business, and they come with clear warnings about being inaccurate or misleading in some cases.

Google will implement these rules starting early next year, giving app developers ample time to make changes to their designs and add in-app flagging options. AI content has become widely available but people have questioned its originality, as the content is basically created based on existing content that has been further improved by technology.

Google is apparently aware of the problems that AI apps can cause, and it wants to prevent such incidents by revising its app policies. But it’s up to the company how it implements these changes, and monitors content flagging properly.

For years, Google has been accused of controlling the narrative of apps based on its preferences, something we saw this week when two Samsung apps were mistakenly flagged as harmful to users. Making rules and showing Google being proactive is good, but until they take action on potential violations, apps will continue to flourish on the Play Store, which is then seen as a safe option for users.

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