Google’s Bard AI chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos

Google announced that its Bard AI chatbot can now answer questions about YouTube videos. Although Bard has the ability to analyze YouTube videos with the launch of the YouTube Extension in September, the chatbot can give you specific answers about questions related to the content of a video.

“We’re taking the first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos,” Bard’s company wrote update page. “For example, if you’re looking for videos on how to make olive oil cake, you might also ask how many eggs are needed in the recipe in the first video. We hear you want deeper engagement with videos on YouTube. That’s why we’ve extended the YouTube Extension to understand some video content so you can have a better conversation with Bard about it.

Before this latest update, the YouTube Extension for Bard could only be used to find specific videos. For example, you can ask the chatbot to find you funny videos. Now, you can ask the chatbot specific questions about the content of the videos. Say you’re watching a travel video and see a place you like, you can ask Bard where the place is.

The announcement comes two weeks after YouTube began experimenting with new generative AI features, including an AI conversation tool that answers questions about YouTube content, with a new feature that summarizes the topics of a video’s comments.

The answers to the conversation tool are created by large language models that use information from YouTube and the web. Users can ask questions about the video they are currently watching, and the conversation with the AI ​​will take place while the video is playing. The comments summarizer tool uses generative AI to organize discussion topics into comment sections to give users an overview of what people are saying.

The update also comes as Google opens access to Bard to teenagers in most countries around the world. The search giant said in a blog post that teenagers can use the tool to “find inspiration, discover new hobbies and solve everyday problems.” Young people can ask Bard questions about important topics, such as which universities apply, or about more fun topics, such as how to learn a new sport.

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