Gubbins is a Goofy and Colorful Word Game You’ll Want to Try Today

What seems like a simple game is full of life, and fun. It can be best described as a cross between Solitaire and Scrabble in a unique and colorful world.

You will be given tiles with one letter, or multiple letters. With that, you try to make the best words possible, horizontal and vertical booth.

But the titular Gubbins provide a dose of fun in that process, both good and bad. Good Gubbins helps you do things like move any letter to help create a world. But the bad type will throw a wrench in the process and do things like add four random letters in adjacent spaces.

The colorful creatures help make the game more fun as you try to juggle the good and bad variety. When the game is over, you can make a postcard to send to friends with all the words you made and the final score.

Along with the classic game, there are two other types that you can enjoy. In Pencil mode, you can play with just letters and a pencil that helps make words. There is also a daily challenge available.

Gubbins is a free download in the App Store now for iPhone and all iPad models. With the free version you can play one style of each game for free.

To unlock the unlimited game and other options such as good Gubbins, stickers, backdrops, etc., there are many in-app purchases.

There are several in-app purchases available.

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