Henry Cavill’s Highlander remake gets an exciting update

Juan Sanchez-Villalobos Ramirez (Sean Connery) and Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) in 1986's Highlander.

image, 20th century Fox

before there was hollywood Remaking 80s movies At a reliable clip, hill There was one that seemed to be on the docket forever. The last important news about this was Former Superman/Witcher Henry Cavill Was linked to it, and he came back in 2021. A lot has changed in the last two years, and it looks like the fate of that remake may be one of those things.

Per deadline, Lionsgate is preparing to put the reboot film up for sale to international distributors at the upcoming American Film Market. The budget is reported to be over $100 million. Chad Stahelski-directed The film is expected to liven up the current potential for purchasable films, which has been diminished due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes. As of right now, the film’s expected production date is 2024, but that depends on how the current negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the studio go over the next few days. (And if it fails, discussions reportedly won’t resume until a few weeks into 2024.)

A’s news hill The remake first started making waves in 2008 after Summit Entertainment acquired the rights fast five Justin Lynn At that time it was directly connected. Over the years, various directors and actors have joined and left the project: Ryan Reynolds In 2012, he was cast to play the role alongside lead protagonist Connor MacLeod. after 28 weeks Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in the director’s seat; The following year, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan was to lead the project while a new lead was sought after Reynolds exited. Dave Bautista, the late Ray Stevenson, and Vinnie Jones were at various points rumored or cast as the Kurgan.

At the time of writing, Cavill and Stahelski are the current actor-director duo, working on Mike Finch’s latest script. No further casting has been revealed. If Stahelski has his way, this film could give a new direction big franchise effort, but we’ve heard this before. remember when someone was supposed to happen Video game,

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