H&M brings custom embroidered clothing to its Berlin store

H&M has partnered with Coloreel to revolutionize the world of customized embroidery. In a recent move, the H&M Alexa store in Berlin now offers customers the ability to personalize their clothes with a wide range of expressive designs.

This initiative marks the start of a new in-store pilot program created by H&Mbeyond. Customers can choose from an ever-evolving library of designs that are updated weekly.

Coloreel is at the forefront of this embroidery revolution, offering a color palette at the push of a button. Remarkably, this technology cuts waste production by an astonishing 97 percent and incorporates recycled yarn, representing a giant leap towards more sustainable manufacturing.

Oliver Lange, Head of H&Mbeyond, emphasized, “Our partnership with Coloreel underscores our commitment to improving the shopping experience through innovative solutions. The adoption of this cutting-edge technology allows us to provide the our customers in a one-of-a-kind and immersive store visit.”

Through their collaboration, H&M and Coloreel aim to explore ways to create exciting personalized shopping experiences and evaluate the impact of disruptive technology like Coloreel on in-store purchases.

Mattias Nordin, SVP Product Management at Coloreel, expressed their pride in the partnership, saying, “We are happy to collaborate with H&M to start a new era in a personal way. Together, pushed We push the boundaries of traditional embroidery, empowering customers to express their personality.

This service is currently available at the H&M Alexa store in Berlin throughout Q4 2023. While the service currently covers products within the store, there are potential plans to offer embroidery for customers’ own garments in the future. Such a method can extend the life of the clothing, which leads to a positive effect on the environment.

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