Horror-centric streamer Nightstream will debut today

Christine Niland and Larry Fessenden at Summoners

Christine Niland and Larry Fessenden Summoner.
image, night stream

Nightstream started as a Virtual Film Festival In 2020, aimed at movie fans hungry for new content height of pandemic, But now it has shifted its focus to better reflect the current entertainment landscape, and today announced its relaunch as a “year-round curated genre film VOD platform,” featuring rental titles. Or available for purchase.

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, along with the Boston Underground Film Festival and the Overlook Film Festival, are uniting to guide the rebrand. deadline The news was broken, followed by a Nightstream press release touting the streamer’s first exclusive title: summoner, which debuted at Brooklyn Fest in 2022 and is “about a former witch who is drawn back into the world of witchcraft, more dangerous than ever before, when her childhood friend asks for her help in casting a black spell.” It is directed by Terence Cray, who also co-wrote the film with Christine Nayland (his previous project). a silent grave, was a 2020 Shudder original). Neyland also co-stars with larry fessendenWho is famous among genre fans as an actor (you’re next) and director ,last winter,,

The trade further notes that to date, “the platform will feature over 30 titles from indie distributors such as Oscilloscope, Dark Star, Dark Sky, Decanalogue, Utopia, and Yellow Veil Pictures. Films include films by Jan Schönbrunn We’re all going to the World’s Fairgaspar noe’s Lux Aeterna, and Joel Potrykus’ buzzard, As far as pricing goes, it will depend on what movie you want to watch, but “subscribers will have the option to rent or purchase most titles, with the default price for rent being $4.99 and Will be $12.99 to purchase.”

Nightstream isn’t exactly filling a void here – there are already well-established horror streamers involved as well. shudder And screamboxand there are many more Other niche streamers for fans of the genre, Plus, lots of fast options are included pluto tv And Roku, has deep style pockets. However, the fact that Nightstream has a trio of film festivals helping to drive its content is promising. you can see the nightstream Here,

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