How much did Google pay to become the default search engine?

Google’s antitrust test It was revealed that the billion-dollar tech company paid a total of $26.3 billion in 2021 to maintain its position as the default search engine on phones and many browsers. bloomberg law Reported on Friday. The Justice Department argued that by spending excessive amounts of money to maintain its default status, Google is making sure the market is not competitive With other search engines.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s senior vice president and head of search, revealed the huge numbers during his testimony, according to Bloomberg Law. Search engine giant pays companies like Apple.

“I have a strong feeling that I will not become the next roadkill,” Raghavan said. the new York Times Thursday. “If we become second-rate, over time we become irrelevant.”

he claimed Amazon One of Google’s two strongest competitors and said that the company stayed ahead of it and other search engines by continuously increasing its research and development. Raghavan claimed that as Google remains the top search engine due to its quality and ease of use, users can switch to Microsoft’s Bing Or duckduckgo If they choose.

“As I constantly remind my team, no one wakes up every morning and says I have to run a Google query,” Raghavan told The Times, adding that they simply go to the service that best suits their needs. Is suitable.

Nevertheless, in a revised copy of internal email In the series released Friday, Jim Kolotouros, vice president of Android Platform Partnerships, wrote: “Chrome exists to serve Google Search, and if it can’t do that because it’s regulated to what the user determines, then Chrome The value of users using it reduces to almost zero (for me).”

The payment by Google to make it the default search engine comes just weeks after Bernstein analysts reported the company Apple was paid approximately $18 billion To keep Chrome as default on Mac, iPad and iPhone in 2021. The report, shared with registerGoogle’s payout is estimated to be 14% to 16% of Apple’s annual operating profit.

“Google invests billions in defaults, knowing that people won’t change them,” DOJ lawyer Kenneth Dintzer told Mehta during a hearing in Washington. cnbc informed of. “They’re buying default exclusivity because defaults make a lot of sense.”

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