How ‘slim’ is the new skinny PlayStation 5?

The new slim version of the PlayStation 5 console with the Dual Sense controller on the side.

Leaked images of the new slim PS5 seem to confirm that the new horizontal stand is just two pieces of clear plastic sitting in the crease between the two wing sections.
image, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s new slim PS5 may arrive sooner than expected. Leakers have managed to capture some photos of the new console in its full fish-tail glory. Plus, if these leaks are true, we may only have to wait a little more than a week before the PS5 starts shipping to US-based customers.

A Twitter user going by the name @fantompainss shared some photos of the new slimmer PS5 next to an older model console, although the latter has a black aftermarket shell from dBrand. Other Twitter users managed to pick up the photos after they were deleted, though how long they’ll last depends on how fast Sony gets access to them.

The new PlayStation 5 is actually smaller and slightly thinner, but it’s still the same size as the previous version. The black debranded fins only help to emphasize how weird the shape of the PS5 is with the big white whale fins sticking out on either side. This is what made setting up the original PS5 so awkward as it had to rest awkwardly on a custom stand rather than simply lying on its hump. New detachable disk drive (which can be purchased separately for $80) is actually better than the older version.

Side-by-side shots of the new Slim PS5 and an original PS5 with custom plates.