How to use Google’s new ‘About this Image’ feature?

Google is now bringing a new feature called ‘About this image, This feature helps users get broader context about online images, including their original presence on the Internet, reliability, and the websites where they have been used so far. It can also help curb misinformation and identify AI-generated images. Here’s everything you need to know about using Google’s ‘About this Image’ feature.

About this image feature in Google Search

What is ‘about this image’ in Google search?

Google is updating its search results with three new features- About this image, Fact Check Explorer, And More information about sources using Search Generative Experience (SGE), This is being done to improve image understanding and combat online misinformation.

The first update, called ‘About this Image’, is now being rolled out to English language users globally and will bring you more relevant information about an image, including:

  • When did Google first index images?
  • What website did the image originally appear on?
  • Other online platforms where the image is displayed such as news, social media, and other websites.
  • Image metadata that image creators and publishers add to an image. It also includes fields that may indicate whether AI generated or enhanced it. All Google AI-generated images have this markup in the original file.

When viewing an image on Google, tap the three dots and select About this image

How will this benefit Google and its users (you)?

As a Google Search user, this will help you Know the age of an image on the Internet (to distinguish between news and lies), original website (to know if it is reliable and to whom to attribute it), and How it has been used on other websites (To check facts or find out the truth behind an image).

You can also see whether the image you’re seeing is real or an illusion generated by AI, provided it has metadata that mentions this.

Image self-labeled as AI generated label in Google search

The new changes will also have a significant impact on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. The quality of the web search experience is essential, and Google Search has evolved beyond simply a platform for web queries.

This continued innovation, relevance and accuracy, user-friendliness and ensures Google’s position as the dominant global search engine.

How to use Google’s ‘About this Image’ feature?

Google’s Recent Blog Updates Mention that you can access the About Image feature either from the three-dot menu in Google Search or through Google Lens on your phone and PC.

From the three-dot menu in Google Search

This feature will be integrated directly into Google Search. When you see an image on Google Images or the Google Search page, tap three-dot menu Select More at the top right corner About this image,

Google will now tell you how old the image is, followed by other web results with the same image, including when and where it was published.

The feature is still being gradually rolled out to users around the world. If you can’t see it for some reason, consider waiting. Also, change the language of your phone to English if not already.

Search Image Using Google Lens

Google Lens uses artificial intelligence to understand the image and its content to help you find visually similar images, identify objects, and surface other related information. You can search for an image or screenshot in Google Lens on your phone and desktop.

on the phone

Google Lens is tightly integrated with the Google Photos app on Android and iOS. So, instead of installing the Lens app, you can use it directly within Photos, as shown below.

1. Launch the Google Photos app on your phone.

2. Open the image you want to reverse search on the web.

3. pat down lens icon On the bottom toolbar.

4. Swipe up on the search page to find similar images and information about the product or item inside the photo.

5. You can next tap on the small globe icon find image source on the web.

on the desktop

Google Lens has replaced traditional image search on desktop. Here’s how to use it:

1. Right-click any image on the web and select search from google Or tap the lens icon in Google image search results.

2. or go And manually upload an image or screenshot.

3. Google will now show you all relevant images on the web that look similar or have matching content.

4. To find out where the image originated, tap Find Image Source button on the image.

wrapping up

This is what Google’s ‘About this Image’ feature is and how to use it on your device. With increasing misinformation and AI-generated web content, this was a much-needed step. And I don’t want Google to stop there.

In time, Google may automatically label AI-generated images and fake news or misinformation, allowing readers to discern the truth without fiddling with multiple options. Whatever Google does, it will revolutionize the entire search engine landscape, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Till then, stay tuned.

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