HP Victus 16 review: A delight for gamers and creators

The HP Victus series of gaming laptops bring powerful hardware to everyone at a budget-friendly price. The HP Victus 16 packs powerful hardware into a slim form factor. For gaming, it has RTX 3050 GPU and 16 GB DDR5 memory. It comes in two beautiful colors i.e. Mica Blue and Performance Silver. Price starts from Rs 86,999. Let’s see how much value you get for that amount in this review of the HP Victus 16.

hp victus 16 review

hp victus 16 review

The HP Victus 16 brings a wonderful combination of “Team Red” and “Team Green” in one machine. This laptop is meant to meet the needs of students who love gaming but also need the horsepower for college projects.

HP Victus 16: Unboxing

We got the HP Victus 16 in Mica Blue, and the packaging isn’t very exciting. You get the following things in the package:

  • victus 16 laptop,
  • 200W charger, and
  • quick start Guide.

HP also ships a free wireless mouse if you order from the official online store.

HP Victus 16: Design and build quality

The Victus 16 laptop sports a very elegant look with a completely matte finish. It blends easily into any situation, whether you’re gaming or taking your notes in class. The shiny “V” logo on the lid elevates its beauty to the next level. You can also see the Victus branding and numerical “16” branding on the hinge part.

hp victus 16 build

If your hands are as sweaty as mine, the finish removes stains quickly. The same finishing is also provided on the deck, which tends to fade especially after a writing session. This creates the need to keep a cleaning cloth with you at all times. The deck also has a mesh over the keyboard so the fans can draw fresh air for better cooling. You can also find more Victus and other essential branding on the inside.

hp victus 16 build

It has a full-sized keyboard with a number pad and trackpad, which is slightly larger than most laptops. The color and finish of this deck is also the same as the lid. There is a large vent at the bottom of the laptop, and we see the same color and finish here again. Apart from the large vents, there are also long rubber feet to keep the laptop stable and improve air circulation.

ports and vents

Since the Victus 16 is a powerful gaming laptop, you expect to see air vents on the sides. But surprisingly, HP kept the sides of the laptop only for ports. The primary and only vent is provided at the back of the laptop. This vent runs the entire length of the laptop, and there aren’t any partitions that aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

hp victus 16 bottom vent

HP has provided an ample number of ports on the side of the laptop so that you can connect all your peripherals to the Victus 16. On the left side there is an Ethernet port, a USB Type-A port, and a 3.5mm audio port. On the right side there is a power port, two USB Type-A ports, an HDMI port, and a USB Type-C port. This Type C port can be used as a video out or to charge other devices at higher wattage.

Despite having the most ports on this laptop, you may still be missing an SD card slot, which is a must-have. While this may not be necessary for some people, in my opinion, it should be standard on laptops by now.

build quality

The HP Victus 16 comes with polycarbonate material throughout the device. This includes the top, deck, and bottom of the laptop. Quality isn’t a concern here as it feels solid, like a metal build, thanks to the finishes and colors HP chose to use here. The thickness of the thickest part of the laptop is 23.9 mm, which is a bit high by today’s standards, but it’s still quite manageable.

hp victus 16 build

This heavy-duty gaming laptop weighs around 2.3 kg, which is decent by industry standards. There’s minimal flex on the deck, and the display barely wobbles when adjusted to an angle. Overall, I liked the design and build of the HP Victus 16 for a gaming laptop.

HP Victus 16: Display

The display you get on the HP Victus 16 is a large 16-inch IPS panel with a 144Hz refresh rate. With Full HD 1080p resolution, you can play games at the highest possible frame rates with great picture quality. It has a peak brightness of 250 nits, which is a bit low, but that’s okay since you will be using the laptop indoors for playing games most of the time.

hp victus 16 display review

The display is covered with an anti-glare layer to reduce reflections when using the laptop outdoors. It also uses DC dimming technology so that it doesn’t strain your eyes in low ambient light. This nice display is packed with the same hardware found on the HP Victus 16 laptop.

I played many games on the HP Victus 16 and streamed a lot of content on YouTube and Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. The first thing I noticed is that the brightness is lower than other laptops I’ve tested recently with similar display specs.

hp victus 16 display review

The second thing that I found a bit disappointing is that the color reproduction of this display is a bit weak. Furthermore, the display looks great and has thin bezels all around it. The top bezel houses the webcam with a manual shutter for privacy. We’ll talk about webcam quality later in this review.

HP Victus 16: Keyboard and trackpad

The Victus 16 has a full-sized keyboard with a number pad and a regular-sized trackpad. I’m not a big fan of HP’s keyboards and trackpads and this laptop is no exception. The keyboard is quite good, but the trackpad is not as responsive as it should be in a laptop at this price.

HP Victus 16 Trackpad and Keyboard

The keyboard has 1-zone RGB lighting with brightness adjustment. The keyboard is good, but I found the keys a little tight. Even though I have small hands, it took me some time to get used to this keyboard layout. Overall, I think HP needs to completely rethink the keyboards on their laptops.

HP Victus 16: Performance

The HP Victus 16 is a powerful laptop with an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor paired with 16GB of DDR5 RAM and 512GB of NVMe storage. For gaming, it has an NVidia RTX 3050 GPU, which is a bit older hardware but still powerful enough to run most AAA titles. This combination can easily give you great performance in single-threading and multithreading applications.

The AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS is an 8-core and 16-thread processor with a boost clock of 5.1 GHz. As far as the GPU is concerned, it comes with 6GB of GDDR6 video memory to load large maps quickly. I decided to run some synthetic benchmarks before throwing in some AAA games to test gaming performance.

synthetic benchmark

I ran a render test on Cinebench R23, Geekbench, and Blender and the results were great. We got 2111 points for single-core performance and 10510 points for multi-core performance, which are very good scores. In Cinebench, I got a score of 15545 in multi-core and 1407 in single-core test. Whereas in Blender it got 1328 points, which is again a good score. These scores are good, but to test actual performance, I ran a few games and here are the results.

gaming test

I ran several games on the HP Victus 16 and got good average frame rates. One of my favorite online multiplayer games, Apex Legends, ran at an average of 100 fps. The second game I ran was Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and it averaged around 90 fps throughout the game. I enjoyed gaming with this laptop, but let’s talk about thermals.

HP Victus 16: Thermal performance

The HP Victus 16 features a dual fan design to keep active cooling and thermal throttling under control. While HP did a great job at keeping the laptop’s temperature under control during gaming sessions, the fan noise becomes annoying if you’re not using headphones. You can customize the fan speed curve, but when in doubt, Auto mode controls everything efficiently.

hp victus 16 thermal

To HP’s credit, the fan remains quiet when you’re not gaming or doing heavy work. While writing this review, I also noticed that the fans were not running, which is commendable. So, if you prefer great, uncompromised performance over loud fan noise, I would recommend this laptop at that time.

HP Victus 16: OS and software

The HP Victus 16 runs Windows 11 Home edition out of the box and supports upcoming updates. In addition to the OS, there is a lot of proprietary software and utilities provided by HP to control and customize most aspects of the laptop. This includes performance, fan speed, keyboard lighting, and more.

HP Victus 16 Software Review

One thing I noticed is the presence of more than ten tools to customize different things. I have previously tested an HP Omen laptop and found the same thing on that laptop. HP should address this problem and create a single utility to control all hardware and features of a laptop.

Multiple apps aside, I liked the number of customization options HP offers. From RGB lighting to fan speed curves, you can customize and fine-tune everything to your liking. It provides better control to all those die-hard gamers who can’t manage a single frame drop during a sweaty multiplayer match.

HP Victus 16: Battery

The Victus 16 laptop has a massive 70 Whr battery for long hours of gaming. To charge this gaming laptop, it comes with a 200 watt power brick. This power brick refills 50 percent of the battery in just 30 minutes. It’s not the biggest battery I’ve seen on a gaming laptop, but it’s still good enough for daily use.

HP Victus 16 Battery Review

During my testing, I used this laptop to perform my daily tasks and write my stories. I was able to easily squeeze out 4 to 5 hours of run time. The maximum runtime I got from this laptop was 5 hours and 15 minutes. Overall, the battery life is good, with good backup for everyday tasks like surfing the internet and streaming movies.

HP Victus 16 review: advantages and disadvantages

After spending time with it, here are the pros and cons to summarize my HP Victus 16 review:


  • Beautiful design and solid construction.
  • Good performance.
  • Unbeatable performance.
  • Good battery backup of 5 hours.


  • Old GPU.
  • Mediocre keyboard and trackpad.
  • Awesome loudspeaker.

HP Victus 16 review: final thoughts

The HP Victus 16 comes with the best hardware and software combination available right now. This may not be the best option for the current price due to the previous generation GPU. But if you look beyond that and consider other factors like design, build, and battery, this laptop will serve you well.

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