If you can believe it, Payday 2 has over 10x more players than Payday 3 on Steam

Payday 3 strong in its rough patch weather. The game’s popularity has declined to a worrying degree, at least from what we can see on Steam. The heist simulator only came out on September 21st, so it’s been over a month since it launched.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation here is that, as it stands, more people are currently playing Payday 2 on Steam than they are the new game.

At the time of writing, Payday 3 has 2,122 players in-game, compared to 29,495 on Payday 2. SteamDB also lists Payday 3’s 24-hour peak concurrent at just 3,234, which is more than 10x lower than Payday 2’s concurrent 36,538.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Payday 3 is available on Game Pass, so the player base is likely larger than what’s found on Steam. Payday 3 also supports cross-platform multiplayer, which means that it is not difficult to find a game, especially considering the nature of the game. You don’t need teams of eight or 16 players each, after all.

These numbers, however, reflect a sentiment shared by many of them Steam user reviews, which has always been stuck with a Mixed rating. It’s clear that Payday 3 has had its stumbles since launch, with matchmaking issues lingering longer than anyone would have liked.

Although most of the problems have been solved, the impact they had on players eager to jump on the launch cannot be overstated. It’s clear that a large chunk of the audience has moved on. Payday 3 also has its own problems with player progression.

The game currently does not reward players for completing heists, or doing so secretly. Instead, it has a Call of Duty-like progression system that encourages grinding weapons for unlocks. It didn’t help that developer Starbreeze wasn’t initially willing to make changes, though it did reveal plans to fix the development.

For now, everyone is waiting for the game’s next big patch, and subsequent development tweaks, now that the servers and matchmaking issues have been resolved.

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