Illuminaria Provides a Fun Combination of Tower Defense and Resource Management

The game combines tower building with resource management and small bits of base building and dungeon exploration.

Takes place on a planet in an unknown part of the universe. Hundreds of years ago, the planet was teeming with life. Then a darkness appeared and took it all. The inhabitants of the world, The Illumi, tried to stop it but could not do so in time.

As a last resort, they created an automated system to save the world. You are tasked with controlling the system and restoring the light.

You can control robots with simple interactions. First choose what to build and what resources to collect, and the robots will do the rest. They can also load weapons, fight, and respond to the world around them.

Dark enemies will try to attack your base and steal important resources, so you need to build turrets and load them with ammo for the battle.

Instead of just one base, you can build more than one with limited space.

To find more rare resources, enter dungeons to find treasures and fight enemies in auto-battles.

In each of the given regions of the game, you will find new resources and technology. While playing, you will understand more about what is happening on the planet.

Developer Selva Interactive draws inspiration from popular resource games such as Oxygen Not Included, Frostpunk and Rimworld. And to make it more accessible, they added a friendlier learning curve and defined goals and constraints.

Illuminaria is designed for iPhone and all iPad models. This is a $4.99 download in the App Store now

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